Monday, February 7, 2011

Book Buying Ban Week 1

I thought that I should write a post each week to make myself accountable for my goal of not buying any books in February and actually reducing the number of books on my TBR stack.

When I began my challenge, I had 1020 books marked TBR on my LibraryThing account. I was appalled. These were not books that I wished to read someday. These were books that were actually in my possession in either print form in piles around my house or on digital form on my Kindle.

I devised a strategy to reduce the piles (and the guilt). First, I would not purchase any new books in February. Second, I would go through the mountain of young adult books and donate those I was least likely to read to my HS media center.

Since we had a "snow day" on Wednesday, I had plenty of time to sort through the stacks of young adult books around my house. I donated 60 books - three big bags. I know that, if I ever find the time to read them, they will still be available to me as long as I work at the media center. And, meanwhile, my students can enjoy the books I just couldn't find time to read.

I also checked my records. I had forgotten to remove the TBR tag from some of the books that I had actually read.

Today (actually Saturday afternoon) I have 969 books marked TBR.

My next goal is to stop adding free books to my Kindle. This one is much harder. I hate to pass up a bargain and don't want to miss an opportunity. They don't take up space but they do inflate the TBR list. This week I added 8 free books to the TBR. Next week, my goal is 0.


  1. Well, then, hopefully they won't have any freebies that you like. I will admit, though, that I grab them either way because I might want to read xx someday. It's a terrible thing! But ever since I got caught thinking I'd hate a book that my book club chose the next month I just grab them & weed 'em out later.
    You're doing a terrific job! WAY TO GO!!
    I did buy a book last week. I've been waiting forever to get my hands on Michelle Sutton's new book Letting Go and BN had it on sale for 2.99 so I broke out the gift card. Ah, well, 1 book purchase in 3 months is acceptable, right?

  2. How awesome that your students will benefit from this ban! Good work, Ms. Martin!

  3. Good for you! The students will be so appreciative; see-- it was money well spent, just maybe not the way you originally intended.

  4. Good luck on your challenge. I am impressed by how far you narrowed down your list. Book buying seems to be a bit of an addiction for those of us who love books. It is a hard habit to break. Best wishes, and hope your TBR pile gets more manageable soon!

  5. Good luck with the ban! I have a hard time resisting free eBooks as well, so feel your pain. You're off to a great start!


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