Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Memes: The Far West by Patricia C. Wrede

Happy Friday everybody!!
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The Far West by Patricia C. Wrede just arrived and I had to move it to the top of my TBR mountain. This is the third and final book in her Frontier Magic series and I really need to know what is next for Eff. Here is the description:
Eff is an unlucky thirteenth child...but also the seventh daughter in her family. Her twin brother, Lan, is a powerful double seventh son. Her life at the edge of the Great Barrier Spell is different from anyone else's that she knows.

When the government forms an expedition to map the Far West, Eff has the opportunity to travel farther than anyone in the world. With Lan, William, Professor Torgeson, Wash, and Professor Ochiba, Eff finds that nothing on the wild frontier is as they expected. There are strange findings in their research, a long prarie winter spent in too-close quarters, and more new species, magical and otherwise, dangerous and benign, than they ever expected to find. And then spring comes, and the explorers realize how tenuous life near the Great Barrier Spell may be if they don't find a way to stop a magical flood in a hurry. Eff's unique way of viewing magic has saved the settlers time and again, but this time all of Columbia is at stake if she should fail.
It is a true thing that the Far West is a strange and dangerous place. Everybody knows that, which is a little odd. In my experience, the things everybody knows are just exactly the ones that are most likely to me mistaken in some important way or other, if they're not flat-out wrong from the start.
Friday 56:
"The West won't get any safer unless people move out into it," Lan grumbled.


  1. Frontier Magic series? I'd never heard of this, but the American history buff in me wants me to read it.

    Here's my Book Beginning.

  2. I'm not much of a history lover, but I feel there's a good story here.

  3. I am a history lover and this insight into living some kind of frontier experience would intrigue me!


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