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Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Characters in Science Fiction

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Top Ten Favorite Characters In Science Fiction

Science fiction is one of my favorite genres. I have been reading it since I was a middle schooler. Though I did take a number of years off and mix in lots of other genres along the way. These are my favorite characters:

From Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan series:
  1. Cordelia Naismith - Cordelia first appears in Lois McMaster Bujold's Shards of Honor (now more commonly available as Cordelia's Honor). When we first see her she is a ship captain for the Beta Colony exploring wormholes. When Barrayarans destroy their camp, Cordelia has to make it across the planet with one of the Barrayarans and one of her own crew who was gravely injured. I like her strength, sense of humor, and her compassion.
  2. Miles Vorkosigan - We actually first meet Miles before his is born in Cordelia's Honor. But we get to know him in all his hyperactive glory in The Warrior's Apprentice (Young Miles includes it and another Miles story too.) He is born deformed in a society that routinely kills "mutants" and he is a political plot magnet given that if something happens to the Emperor Miles is in line for the throne. What I love about Miles as a character is that he is fantastically brilliant, incredibly loyal, makes a bunch of mistakes but usually manages to twist the consequences to his own and Barrayar's good. 
  3. Lord Ivan Vorpatril - Ivan spends most of the series as Miles' disparaged cousin. He is known in the family as "that idiot Ivan." Ivan portrays himself as easy-going, shallow, apolitical and bland. It isn't until the last few books that Ivan shows some depth and, in Captain Vorpatril's Alliance, comes into his own. I admire his efficiency and his political acumen as I completely lack both.

From Sharon and Lee and Steve Miller's Liaden Universe books:
  1. Aelliana Caylon - Aelliana is a mathematician who is abused by her brother who is the nadelm of his clan. When we first meet her in Scout's Progress, she is too thin, too timid, and completely lacking in self-confidence. However, she is also bright and very courageous. Her story can be found in The Dragon Variation.
  2. Theo Waitley - Theo is a young woman who is a misfit in her world who has the dream of being a pilot of starships. Her story begins in Fledgling. I like Theo because she is both smart and determined. 
  3. Daav yos'Phelium - Daav is Delm of Korval in Scout's Progress when he falls in love with Aelliana and a character who reappears in various books in the Liaden Universe series. He was a Scout which makes him an incredible pilot, explorer, and practical scholar. He also has a quirky sense of humor and a massive sense of responsibility. He might be my favorite book boyfriend. (He also happens to be Theo's father though she doesn't know him by that name.)

Assorted other characters:

  1. Talia - Talia is a runaway from a religious commune when she is chosen by a Companion to be a Herald of Valdemar. We meet her first in Arrows of the Queen by Mercedes Lackey when she goes from an unwanted and unappreciated child to a confident young woman.
  2. Menolly - We meet her in Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey when she becomes the first female Harper on Pern and rediscovers fire lizards who were the ancestors of Pern's dragons. This is another story of a young, unappreciated girl who fights for her dreams.
  3. Beka Cooper - We meet her first in Terrier by Tamora Pierce. She is learning to be a member of the Provost's Guard and had the ability to talk to ghosts. 

Who are your favorite characters?

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