Thursday, July 10, 2014

Book Review: A Snicker of Magic by Natalie Lloyd

A Snicker of Magic
Author: Natalie Lloyd
Publication: Scholastic Press (February 25, 2014)

Description: Introducing an extraordinary new voice---a magical debut that will make your skin tingle, your eyes glisten . . .and your heart sing.

Midnight Gulch used to be a magical place, a town where people could sing up thunderstorms and dance up sunflowers. But that was long ago, before a curse drove the magic away. Twelve-year-old Felicity knows all about things like that; her nomadic mother is cursed with a wandering heart.

But when she arrives in Midnight Gulch, Felicity thinks her luck's about to change. A "word collector," Felicity sees words everywhere---shining above strangers, tucked into church eves, and tangled up her dog's floppy ears---but Midnight Gulch is the first place she's ever seen the word "home." And then there's Jonah, a mysterious, spiky-haired do-gooder who shimmers with words Felicity's never seen before, words that make Felicity's heart beat a little faster.

Felicity wants to stay in Midnight Gulch more than anything, but first, she'll need to figure out how to bring back the magic, breaking the spell that's been cast over the town . . . and her mother's broken heart.

My Thoughts: It is hard for me to know what to say about A SNICKER OF MAGIC. My thoughts are like popcorn. The story was magical. The narrator - 12-year-old Felicity Juniper Pickle - was a wonderful character caught on the cusp of childhood. Felicity is a word collector. She sees words everywhere that give her insight into what people are thinking and feeling. She has been many places with her mother and her 6-year-old sister Frannie Jo. She tells us that her mother has a wandering heart.

Now they have come to Midnight Gulch, Tennessee, and for the first time in a very long time the word that Felicity sees is home. But Midnight Gulch has a problem. The magic has gone away and left sadness. If Felicity wants her mother to find a reason to stay, she has to find a way to get the magic back.

She makes her first friend when she meets Jonah who is a do-gooder and who incidentally is in a wheelchair. Together he shows Felicity around Midnight Gulch and introduces her to people who can tell her more about the magical past of the town and who help her find a way to break the curse.

The writing is lyrical and thought provoking. Almost every sentence would have been a marvelous favorite quote. The people in the town, including the family that Felicity had never met, are quirky and realistic and all have their own stories.

I highly recommend this magical book to everyone.

Favorite Quote:
And then I'd use my home magic to help Roger Pickle find us. I'd fill up a flare gun with blinking stars and shoot them into the universe. They'd spell out:

We're home.

Or maybe: We're your home.

He would follow the stars and find us. I'd see his favorite words spinning around his head: Holly. Felicity. Frannie Jo. I'd hug his neck and we'd dance on home, wherever home is. Because home is where shabby hearts like ours belong.
I bought this one. You can buy your copy here.

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  1. I've heard nothing but good about this book! I MUST read it this summer!


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