Saturday, April 25, 2015

ARC Review: Flirty Dancing by Jenny McLaughlan

Flirty Dancing
Author: Jenny McLachlan
Series: Ladybirds
Publication: Feiwel & Friends (April 28, 2015)

Description: Bea Hogg is shy, but she has a fiery core that she doesn’t let many see. When the national dance competition Starwars comes to her school looking for talent, she wants to sign up. It’s just her luck that her best friend Kat ditches her and agrees to enter with school super-witch Pearl Harris (and Bea’s former best friend).

Bea is determined to fight back! But when the school hottie, Ollie Matthews, who also happens to be Pearl’s boyfriend, decides to enter the competition with Bea to jive dance, she will have more than a fight on her hands.

Debut author Jenny McLachlan weaves a warm and hilarious story of friendship and dance starring the refreshing and plucky Bea Hogg.

My Thoughts: This was a cute story starring a shy young girl named Bea Hogg who finds her courage when she enters a dance contest partnered by hottie Ollie Matthews. She has been abandoned by her best friend who decides to dance with a group led by Bea's nemesis and school bully Pearl.

Bea is a great character who loves her family, especially her Nan and her three-year-old sister Emma who spends a lot of her time naked. However, she is being bullied at school by Pearl and is just taking it. It gets even worse when she is paired to dance with Ollie since Pearl has claimed him as her boyfriend.

I liked the dancing scenes and the competitions as the two prepare for Starwars. I liked the way Bea finally got over her shyness with Ollie. I also liked that Ollie was a nice guy with dreams and goals of his own.

This story was fun. Fans of stories about friendship and first love will enjoy this one.

Favorite Quote:
Even my snoring roomie can't ruin my mood. I curl up and smile to myself. I am not going to think about Starwars, or the fact that dancing with Ollie could end on Thursday. Tonight, I'm floating on air . . . on an airbed . . . with blisters all over my feet. Nan's low nose-whistle soon builds into a full on power-snore. It has no effect on me. I'm simply too happy.
I got this ARC from Macmillan. You can buy your copy here.

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