Monday, January 4, 2010

Contest! Contest!

Kelsey at The Book Scout is having a contest. Up for grabs is Dream Girl and Dream Life by Lauren Mechling. Click on The Book Scout link to find out all about the contest. BTW Kelsey is a teen-aged blogger who loves to read. Her reviews are always filled with good information.

Click on this link to go to Lauren Mechling's blog. (Read About the Author to learn more about this talented writer.)

Here is the book blurb for Dream Girl: The most fabulous half-French girl detective around is called Claire Voyante, and don't you dare blame her for it. She had no say in the matter--she was named after her great aunt Claire, who died in a Parisian heatwave the year she was born.

When Claire was little she started getting random visions in her head, pictures of things like froggy umbrellas and pink hats. She couldn't resist fantasizing that they were clues and chasing them down when she saw them on the street. But nothing much ever came of it, just strangers who got annoyed when they realized a little blonde kid was lurking in the shadows.

When she turns 15 and her crabby-fabulous grandmother Kiki gives her a black and white cameo necklace, her visions take on a different shape--and a whole new meaning. Claire's off to a rocking adventure that involves private jets, a ketchup fortune, and a cute boy. Make that a very cute boy. About time!

Doesn't it sound great!

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  1. Thanks for the information about the book and contest. I had a cameo necklace when I was a teenager. Wore it for some of my senior pictures!


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