Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fourth Grade -- Surveys

What is your favorite color? Which is your favorite movie? Which singer is your favorite?

These questions and many others were being asked in the computer lab today as fourth graders began gathering data to make spreadsheets and charts. The fourth graders have learned the basics of creating spreadsheets and charts in their Media classes. Now they are designing and creating their own surveys.

Here are the instructions that the students were given. I did provide a template for the students. I gave them the Excel template that included the class list. I also put in the formulas for them to see if they asked everyone and to compute the totals for them. (Students in sixth grade learn how to write formulas in spreadsheets as they make themselves multiplication tables and analyze packages of M&Ms.)

Students are having fun finding out about each other. They are looking forward to making their decorated charts.

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