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In My Mailbox (Feb. 21, 2010)

The weekly In My Mailbox post is hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren. It is fun to see what everyone else gets in their mailboxes, shopping bags, and library visits.

Click on the link to The Story Siren's site to see the rules and join in the fun. I guarantee that your TBR pile will grow when you see all the cool books everyone gets. You will discover lots of wonderful blogs and lots of books that you won't be able to live without.

I bought a couple of books for my Kindle this week.

Old Magic by Marianne Curley -- Jarrod Thornton is mesmerizing, but Kate Warren doesn't know why. The moment the new guy walks into the room, Kate senses something strange and intense about him. Something supernatural. Her instincts are proven correct a few minutes later when, bullied by his classmates, Jarrod unknowingly conjures up a freak thunderstorm inside their classroom. Jarrod doesn't believe in the paranormal. When Kate tries to convince him that he has extraordinary powers that need to be harnessed, he only puts up with her "hocus pocus" notions because he finds her captivating. However, the dangerous, uncontrolled strengthening of his gift finally convinces Jarrod that he must take Kate's theories seriously. Together, they embark on a remarkable journey -- one which will unravel the mystery that has haunted Jarrod's family for generations and pit the teens against immense forces in a battle to undo the past and reshape the future.

I So Don't Do Mysteries by Barrie Summy -- Laughs, ghosts, and a lip-gloss-loving teen sleuth! Sherry (short for Sherlock) Holmes Baldwin is spending spring break in California with her best friend, Junie. She can’t wait to hang out in the sun, hit the mall, and spend time with cutie-pie Josh. Then . . . a freaky change of plans. Sherry’s mom, a cop killed in the line of duty, contacts her. Not only is she a ghost, she’s a ghost in danger of flunking out of the Academy of Spirits, and she needs Sherry’s help. Unless she solves an important mystery in San Diego, she’ll be banished to an afterlife for ghost failures! If Sherry wants to be a normal seventh grader (as in, one who doesn’t communicate with ghosts), she can’t tell anybody about her mom—or what she has to do. Not her brother, not Junie, and especially not Josh. It’s up to Sherry alone to save the day. Except . . . she so doesn’t do mysteries.

I also bought these print books on a 4-for-3 deal at Amazon this week.

Cover-Up by John Feinstein -- In his most compulsively readable sports mystery yet, bestselling and Edgar Award–winning author John Feinstein takes on steroids and drugtesting as he takes readers behind the scenes of the Super Bowl and reveals the big money and even bigger egos that make pro football run. I have read other books in this series but not this one.

100 Cupboards by N. D. Wilson -- Twelve-year-old Henry York wakes up one night to find bits of plaster in his hair. Two knobs have broken through the wall above his bed and one of them is slowly turning . . .Henry scrapes the plaster off the wall and discovers cupboards of all different sizes and shapes. Through one he can hear the sound of falling rain. Through another he sees a glowing room–with a man pacing back and forth! Henry soon understands that these are not just cupboards, but portals to other worlds. 100 Cupboards is the first book of a new fantasy adventure, written in the best world-hopping tradition and reinvented in N. D. Wilson’s inimitable style. This one was the one I chose because I could get a 4th book free. I have never heard of it but it sounds interesting.

The Case of the Bizarre Boquets by Nancy Springer -- Everyone knows Dr. Watson is Sherlock Holmes’ right-hand man—so when he goes missing, it’s a shock. Even Sherlock hasn’t the slightest clue as to where he could be. Enola is intrigued but wary; she’s still hiding from her older brothers, and getting involved could prove to be disastrous. But Enola can’t help but investigate, especially when she learns that a bizarre bouquet—with flowers all symbolizing death—has been delivered to the Watson residence. Enola knows she must act quickly, but can she find Dr. Watson in time?  This is in the Enola Holmes series. I have only read the first so far.

The Case of the Left Handed Lady by Nancy Springer -- Sherlock Holmes’s sister, Enola, is back on another case! Enola Holmes is being hunted by the world’s most famous detective—her own brother, Sherlock Holmes. But while she is on the run in the world’s biggest, darkest, dirtiest city, she discovers a hidden cache of charcoal drawings and feels as if she is a soul mate to the girl who drew them. But that girl, Lady Cecily, has disappeared without a trace. Braving the midnight streets, Enola must unravel the clues to find this left-handed lady, but in order to save her, Enola risks revealing more than she should. Will she be able to keep her identity a secret and find Lady Cecily, or will the one thing she is trying to save—her freedom—be lost forever? This is yet another in the Enola Holmes series.

That is what I got. What was in your mailbox?


  1. TCoTLHL sounds really cool! I hope you enjoy all of your books! :)

  2. sound great! i hope you enjoy them all! happy reading!

  3. Your books sounds great! I So Don't Do Mysterious sounds really cute. That 4 for 3 Amazon deal is my kryptonite!! Enjoy!

  4. I really want to read N.D. Wilsons series. Enjoy your new books! :)

  5. Hey, I've heard of 100 Cupboards before but forgot about it. Thanks for posting as it reminded me of the book again. Will make sure I write it down in my reading list!

    Cool, you've got a Kindle! :) Enjoy your reads this week.

  6. The 100 Cupboard book was good - I had hoped it would be better, but it was good. I haven't read the next two yet tho, so they could really kick it into gear :)

    My daughter loved the I So Don't Do Mysteries book. She said it was funny.

  7. Great books you got this week. The Case of the Left-Handed lady looks interesting. Hope you enjoy reading all your books.

  8. oooh i just added Old Magic to my to buy list!! awesome book you go here

    My IMM IS Here


  9. Old Magic sounds really interesting! :D I'm going to put it on my to-read list. Enjoy your books! :)

  10. Old Magic looks really intriguing, I'll have to check it out. Happy reading!

  11. Old Magic looks great!!=)
    I just checked my library and they have copies to borrow.

    Thank you for sharing your reads!!=) Enjoy!!!

  12. Enjoy your books this week.Here's Mine.


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