Friday, February 26, 2010

Review: The Lonely Hearts Club by Elizabeth Eulberg

The Lonely Hearts Club
Author: Elizabeth Eulberg
Publication: Point; 1 edition (December 29, 2009)

Product Description: Penny is sick of boys and sick of dating. So she vows: no more. It's a personal choice. . .and, of course, soon everyone wants to know about it. And a few other girls are inspired. A movement is born: The Lonely Hearts Club (named after the band from Sgt. Pepper). Penny is suddenly known for her nondating ways . . . which is too bad, because there's this certain boy she can't help but like. . . .
My Thoughts: This was a very entertaining story. Penny (named after the Beatle's song Penny Lane) has her heart broken by her childhood crush and reacts like a typical 16-year-old. She swears off dating because all boys are losers. Her friends and other girls who have been disappointed by boys join her in forming a club to promote friendship between girls. Naturally, there are some girls who are opposed to the club and most of the boys are too.
I liked Penny's relationship with her friend Ryan and her growing realization that he could be a good boyfriend. I liked seeing that all the boys in the story were not scum. But I also liked the way she showed two-timing Nate that she wasn't overwhelmed by his charm and wasn't going to put up with him any longer.
I liked that she revived a friendship with Diane that had ended when Diane became Ryan's girlfriend and starting cancelling plans with girlfriends to be with him. After they break up, Penny and Diane become good friends again as Diane finally feels able to pursue her own interests and not things others told her to like.
I really liked the references to the songs of the Beatles. I liked that Penny's parents were so supportive -- embarrassing, but supportive.

This was a very pleasant read. I think middle graders and high school students would recognize a lot of the situations and really like getting to know Penny.
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  1. Great review! I'm glad you enjoyed this book. I thought it was a fun read as well. Thanks for the comments on my IMM.

  2. Great review, can't wait to get into my copy.

  3. I keep seeing this pop up all the time and it looks really good from everyone's reviews. I have an award for you:

  4. Awesome review! It's on my TBR list =)

  5. Great review! I've been thinking about picking this one up, and now I'll have to.

  6. Great review! It's funny to me that the main character's name is Penny Lane, as I just watched Almost Famous this weekend, where Kate Hudson plays "Penny Lane".

  7. That's funny, because I have The Lonely Hearts Club on MY bookshelf but I haven't gotten around to it! lol.

    *looks at above comment* I thought the same thing! I love the movie Almost Famous. xD

    Anyways, great review :)


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