Monday, March 22, 2010

Have you heard?

I just found out about two wonderful contests today.

Faye at Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm is having a "Can I be your book fairy contest?" and giving away ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies). You can choose 12 or more if they fit into the box. The selection is wonderful. The contest ends on April 25. So visit her website and enter today.

Stephanie at Juciliciousss Reviews is doing a Random Big Giveaway. Here is what she is doing in her own words: "This time, I'll have two winners and for both of them, I'll basically stuff as many YA books as I can or a limit of 8-9? books (haven't decided on how many books should be the limit but...) whichever comes first into a USPS ReadyPost Medium Box. This means that for both winners, they'll each receive about 8-9(!!!) newly released or not-even-released YA novels. Of course, they won't know what they get until they open the boxes but that's the whole gist of it. Sounds great, right?" This contest ends on April 21st.

What a great chance to get to read some of the newest books. Good luck!

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