Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break Reading Challenge #5: Obstacles

Spring Break Reading Challenge:
For today's Activity, 1) create a blog post talking about the things that prevent you from getting things done. It could be reading, updating your blog, or anything else you try to do and 2) can you come up with a plan to get past your obstacle?

I don't really have any obstacles beyond my own procrastination. For example, I have been thinking about getting organized for my taxes since late January but didn't do anything until Sunday night. I set my tax appointment for Wednesday and knew I had to finally reached "the last minute".

I have plenty of time for reading, blogging and web surfing. However, I do find that all the reading and writing of blogs that I am doing is cutting into my time for reading the fiction I love. I feel like I am reading less than I did before I became so involved with keeping my blogs updated and following so many wonderful blogs.

I really should spend some more time at work this weekend processing some new books that have been received. Of course, I have been saying that for the last 2 weekends too and have not gotten to work. I get sucked into blogging and reading blogs (especially the Saturday Network and the IMM posts at the Story Siren) and barely leave my couch let alone my house. This will have to become a prority soon because I still need to make up 2.5 hours because of a day off due to snow.

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