Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Break Reading Challenge Goals

It is time for the Spring Break Reading Challenge hosted by Karin Librarian. Our first challenge seems like an easy one. All I have to do is set some goals. But setting goals is hard. I want something realistic and achievable. At the same time I don't want to set my goals too low. Right now, my plan is to read at least one middle grade book, one YA book, and one adult book. All of the books are sitting on my towering TBR stack.
Middle Grade Book -- Claim to Fame by Margaret Peterson Haddix (which I borrowed from the Elementary Media Center)
YA Book -- Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver (purchased by me to read an donate to the HS Media Center)
Adult Book -- Spider's Bite by Jennifer Estep (which has been waiting patiently on my Kindle for me to find time)
I hope to read more than these three books -- but, at least, that is a start.


  1. Hi Kathy! Per my goal "To visit the blogs of all participants in the Spring Break Reading Challenge" I am here to say hello! I set an additional goal to read & review 2 books, as I didn't want to push myself too hard w/ 3 books. I wish you the best of luck!

  2. Good luck with your challenge! And I hope you enjoy Before I Fall as much as I did. Loved that book! Enjoy!


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