Saturday, May 15, 2010

Review: Changeling by Steve Feasey

Author: Steve Feasey
Publication: Pan Macmillan (Jan. 2009)

Description: Trey thought he was an ordinary teenager. Then he meets a mysterious stranger, Lucien Charron - luminously pale, oddly powerful, with eyes that seem flecked with fire and skin that blisters in sunlight. Somehow Trey finds himself in a luxury London penthouse, like a Bond villain's lair. It's the heart of a sinister empire, built on the powers of the netherworld - werewolves, vampires, sorcerers, and djinns. And Trey himself has a power that's roaring to break free. Is he a boy or is he a beast?

My Thoughts: This book was an entertaining read for middle schoolers. Trey, an orphan boy, is taken from his children's home by a powerful stranger who has been watching over him. He finds out that he is a werewolf with cool powers. There are descriptions of how he fights his mentor and could have killed him. There is also a fight with two demons disguised as teenage street thieves. There is also the battle at the end of the story with an evil vampire. There is a lot of action in the book but little emotion. Trey adapts amazingly well to all of the changes in his life. He is hit with lots of amazing things - the existence of vampires, werewolves, demons, the fact that his parents were murdered and were werewolves, the fact that he is a werewolf himself - almost without a blink.

Warning: While the main problem in this book has been resolved, it ends with these dreaded words "To be continued...". Luckily, I purchased books two and three from the Book Depository when I got this first one. This is also a 2010 Debut YA Author book in the US. The name has been changed to Wereling here. I do not know if it ends the same way. I have only seen the UK editions at this time.

I found it to be emotionally unrealistic but could easily see a younger reader accepting it for the action and adventures. Who doesn't like a young boy triumphing over evil? Recommended for middle graders and YA lovers of werewolves.

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  1. I completely agree with your review. I enjoyed it, but I think my middle school would enjoy it a whole lot more! And I had Wereling and i don't remember it ending "to be continued" but it's very clear there is more to the story! :)

  2. Thanks for participating in The Saturday Network! :)

    And great review! It does sound a bit unrealistic with Trey quickly accepting all those changes, but I'm glad you still enjoyed it. The cover seems to promise a darker, unique take on werewolves... hm. For the record, my three least favorite words are "to be continued," partly because it's cliche, partly because I've seen it on too many pokemon episodes, and partly because it signifies a CLIFFHANGER!

  3. Great review. Sounds like an interesting story.


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