Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Break Reading Challenge #2 - Wordle

Our second challenge is to create a Wordle for a favorite book.

Here is my Wordle for A Matter of Magic by Patricia C. Wrede. The title links to my review. I love her books. These are about Regency England but in this Regency England there is magic. I highly recommend the books.
I use Wordle with my sixth graders and have them do Wordle book reviews. They have to pick some of the key words in the story to create theirs since they don't write a book review first. I have them copy and paste a picture of the cover of the book too. It is a fun project and the results help decorate my media center.

Here is a sample of what the finished product would look like:


  1. Wow. Another series I've never heard of. My wishlist is getting longer and longer. Thanks for the new lead!

  2. Yours is very pretty. I like the font you chose. I can imagine that wordle will be taking up too much of my free time, it is really fun! :)

  3. Great choice in colors! I like it.

  4. I love it. The font you used is my favorite. I'd love to see some of the student examples. Do you have any?

  5. Thanks for participating in The Saturday Network!

    That looks awesome! Lol, if only my teachers had made us do fun projects like that. Though I've never heard of that author, hm...

  6. Both of those are really colorful and fun.


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