Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bookshelf Adventures

A while ago I was contacted by CSN Stores. They asked me if I wanted to review a product and offered me a $55 gift certificate. I have long been lusting after the bookshelf to the left and thought this would be a great time to get it. Hey, almost half off! I intend to use it in my HS Media Center to display special collections of books.

I ordered it on Sept. 12. Here is what happened next:

  • Sept. 13 - I am billed by CSNStores
  • Sept. 16 - I had a note on my door from FedEx saying they tried to deliver it but no one was home. They said they would try again on Friday and, if I wanted them to leave the package, I could sign the slip on my door. I signed because I knew I would be in and out on Friday.
  • Sept. 17 - I arrived home to find no package and no 2nd attempt note.
  • Sept. 18 - I was home most of the day and no package arrived. I decided to see if I could track the package at the FedEx site. I did and found that it was marked "delivered" on Friday at 12:40 PM. I asked my neighbors if anyone had seen a package and checked the dumpsters to see if it ended up there. No package!
  • Sept. 20 - I reported the theft of the package to our community Deputy Sheriff and was sad that I had been so foolish as to sign for a package and worried that the area where I live wasn't safe.
  • Sept. 22 - I attended a townhouse association meeting and told other residents about my experience. A neighbor three houses down said he had found slips from Fed Ex on his door the previous Friday and Saturday saying that they were trying to deliver a package. Neither he or or wife had ordered anything.
  • Sept. 23 - I had a message in my voice mail from FedEx saying that the driver didn't feel it was safe to leave a package (even though they said they had delivered it!) and that I should call to schedule a re-delivery.
  • Sept. 24 - Called FedEx and scheduled delivery for Saturday because I could be home all day. I mentioned what my neighbors had said and emphasized that my address was 413 not 419!
  • Sept. 25 - The FedEx truck just came. I intercepted the driver and asked if they had a package for 413. At first he said "no", that his package was for 419. I asked if it was for me by name and he said yes. I finally have my package and only 9 days and one crime report late. I am appending a copy of the mailing address on the package.

Wouldn't it be nice if the folks who work at FedEx could read?

I will be writing a review after I get it to school and manage to get it assembled. One of my co-workers has volunteered to help me. I would say that I am overjoyed to have my new bookshelf but I think my real feeling is closer to relieved.

Do you have any delivery horror stories?

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  1. Yes -- I ordered a book from an indie bookseller in California. Somehow the bar code had their city on it, not my city. So the book traveled cross-continent four or five times. I kept tracking the book, and when it was almost here it got sent back to California. The indie bookseller kept contacting UPS. FINALLY UPS put a notice on the bar code number.


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