Thursday, September 30, 2010

CSN Product Review

I was offered a $55 gift certificate to use at CSN Stores and took the opportunity to buy the bookshelf that I have been drooling over since I first heard of CSN Stores.

I chose the Southern Enterprises 55" H Spine Book Tower. I have already blogged about the problems I had with FedEx in actually getting my package here. However, once it did finally make it to my house, things went smoothly. I decided to bring it to my HS Media Center and use it as display for special collections of materials.

The bookshelf was well-packaged. My assistant and I were able to put the bookshelf together quickly. Each piece was in a plastic bag and the whole box was cushioned with Styrofoam. 

We didn't need any tools except the Allen wrench that came with it. The directions were clear. You can see my assistant attaching the spine to the base. One of the holes was slightly misaligned but it was not off enough that we could not fully tighten the screw.

Here is the finished bookshelf loaded with the first special collection. We decided to highlight banned books both to honor Banned Book Week and because the HS Media Literacy class was talking about book banning and getting ready to read a challenged book. We filled it with more than 50 books that have been banned and challenged one place or another. The only thing that has changed since this picture is that we have made a nifty sign for the top of the tower. 

I think our next collection will be spooky books for Halloween. 

The students think this bookshelf is really cool (and so do I). I was glad to get a chance to use my gift certificate for this product and recommend it to anyone who needs to be able to store a lot of books in a limited amount of floor space. My only complaint is that it is only available in a steel finish. I think it would be really nice if it was available in more colors.

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