Saturday, September 4, 2010

Have You Shopped at CSN Stores?

CSN Stores features over 200 stores and has unlimited options for products available. It is a shopoholic's dream site.  You can shop for everything from Car Seats to Corelle.  

I ran a contest for CSN stores earlier this year and gave away a gift certificate. Also, I have been all over the blogosphere trying to win a certificate of my own.

Failing to win anything so far, I shopped there myself this summer for a new rug for my bedroom and chose this one. I will have to say that I love it. It is decorative and very well-made. 

Now I have been given an opportunity to review a product. I am really leaning toward a new bookshelf to house all of my unread YA books. Something like one of these would be really nice. 
Check back with me later to see what I chose to review and what I thought about it. Meanwhile, here is the link to CSN Stores so that you can see all the wonders that they have available. 

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  1. Hubby got a gift certificate from them and their stuff looks great. We decided on a bookcase, but still working on which one to actually get. LOL great choices equals too many to choose from.


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