Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Break Reading Challenge #7

I can't really take a picture of my bookshelves for this one because I am at my brother's house. But here are a couple of shots I took a couple of weeks ago.
These are adult books that have arrived since the school year began (with just a couple of summer holdovers)
These are the young adult books that have arrived since school began in late August. There are a few summer holdovers in that bunch too.

Recent arrivals sit on top of my entertainment center totally obscuring the print that is supposed to decorate the top of that piece of furniture. There is no system. Theoretically, the newest arrivals are on the top but I do shuffle them around some as I'm digging for my next book to read. 

The stack is not completely accurate now because I showed it to one of my voracious student readers and she pointed out three or four that she would like to read. I decided that she would get to them long before I would and donated them to my HS Media Center unread. I know where they will be if I ever get to them in the stack.

I also packed a few for my vacation reading. Of course, I brought my Kindle home with me too. (What I didn't bring home with me was my camera. It is sitting on my dining room table. I really hope that is the only thing I forgot in my packing for this trip. Unlike another trip, I did remember shoes.)

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