Monday, January 17, 2011

Why I haven't been entering contests...

There are so many wonderful contests on the blogs I read. I could be entering at least a few every day. And then there are the giveaway hops... But I don't enter contests very often. I would like to give you visual evidence of why I do not.

Here they are -- my TBR stacks.
These are young adult books that I have received since late August. I also still have a number of books on pre-order. They are all wonderful choices that I was really excited about when I ordered them. But they keep getting covered up by new and even more exciting arrivals.

Next are the adult books that have arrived since late August. These piles are two-deep. They are also wonderful and exciting books that I need to find time to read -- as soon as each day expands to 36 hours

Lets not foget the crates of books that I took home with me to read during my summer vacation. In my defense, I will say that I brought 4 full crates home and did whittle it down to three full crates. These are a mixture of young adult and adult books that caught my interest.

Then I have the bookshelves with older TBR books. Piled neatly on the top of this next one are young adult books. On the shelves are adult books that I just haven't found the time to get to yet.

Here are still more books that have been waiting for me to find the time or the interest to read them. On the top are the books I chose for the 2010 TBR challenge. You will notice that I was a spectacular failure at that one. All but two of my choices are still sitting on the pile. Too many exciting new books came into my house.

The ones that you can't see the titles of are adult books that I have actually finished but don't want to keep. When I finish young adult books, I donate them to my media centers if I don't want to make them a part of my home library. But I don't really have an outlet for adult books that I don't want to keep. 

I read more than 280 books last year but I bought/won/was given more than 600.  Even the 97 I donated to my school media centers didn't reduce the stacks. I think it is time to go through all the YA stuff again and donate more to my media centers. But I keep thinking that if I hold on to them just a while longer I will have a chance to read them. I hate the idea of missing something extraordinary.

Added to the problem, but not the stacks, is the fact that I have a Kindle with about 500 books on it. I am starting to get more review requests and getting review books from NetGalley which makes it harder yet to read the backlog. I may have to seriously consider retirement just so I have time to catch up on all the great books that I just haven't had time to read. 

So, I hope you understand why you won't see my name on your list of entrants for your wonderful contests (unless I just can't resist) this coming year. Now to grab my latest book and get reading.


  1. Wow! *jaw-drop* And here I was thinking I had a big TBR pile. :)) Seems like you're going to have a very busy year! Unless, of course, you'll consider giving away some of these books... We could help you read them, make the stacks smaller... *innocent grin*

    Happy reading!

  2. Wow! Lots of great titles there! :) What I try to remember when dealing with TBR issues like this is: enjoy reading not rush reading. :)

  3. That's a lot of books! What a fun problem to have. Well, let's hope that you get caught up soon and enter some giveaways. There are a ton of great new books coming out this year that you should try to read as well!

  4. Okay, Ms. Martin. I was a little worried for a moment that you were going to lag behind the awesomeness that is 2011. I should've known better!

  5. I totally understand the overwhelmed feeling. I would gladly take some of them off of your hands! :) You should post a to sell list! I'm sure you could find someone to take them off of your hands!

  6. Well I'm impressed! I too share the same problem- books, books everywhere, and not enough time to read them all! Plus new, exciting ones coming out every day it seems. I finally bit the bullet a couple of weeks ago and went through the books I own pretty ruthlessly to donate and/or sell back to Amazon. I figure, at this point, some of these books have lived in three different cities with me and still remain unread, so if I really, really need to read the book down the line, I can check it out from the library.

    Here's to great reading in 2011 though!

  7. Wow! So many books, so little time. Love your idea of retiring so you can finally catch up on your reading! I'm always afraid to get rid of any of my unread books, as I just know I'm going to regret it! Good luck!

  8. LOL... my reading room looks similar. My review shelves are busting and my own purchase shelves are full... I tried to organize a bit this weekend but it going to take some talent to figure out how to make it all manageable.

  9. You can skip Ender in Exile and reduce your TBR pile by 1 >.< it was disappointing~~

    Sniffly Kitty
    Sniffly Kitty's Mostly Books
    Loving the Reviews Challenge

  10. Oh, I am jealous of those beautiful stacks...

  11. So many books are overwhelming! Hope you get a crack at depleting that reading pile!

  12. you can do it! the best part of digging your way out of the pile is that you get to read all those fabulous books while you do it!


  13. You'll like Enchanted Ivy. I'm avoiding the Pittacus Lore book because the author seems so evil. I figure he'll sell plenty of books without my help.


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