Monday, February 14, 2011

Book Buying Ban Week 2

I had a few successes and a few failures during week 2 of my book buying ban. Starting with the positive, I had two successes.

***I purchased one picture book to donate to my elementary media center after it got a glowing review from one of my fellow teachers. Too Many Frogs tells the story of rabbit who lives a nice routine life and loves it. His routine includes reading himself a story each night. But one evening a frog appears and really upsets rabbit's routine. It was a great story about the joy of sharing books with friends.

I also bought one adult romance because it was on sale, had a terrific cover and was about a professional athlete. I couldn't help myself. Game for Anything by Bella Andre was a wonderful escapist couple of hours. 

I also received two books that I ordered before my ban - Sweep Volume 3 and Red Moon Rising

***I was successful in not downloading any free books to my Kindle.

Since I read 5 and 1/2 books this week, I should have finally reduced my TBR stack. 

However, here is my failure, I got a bunch of books for review this week - 12 to be exact. I got 6 books from NetGalley, 2 from Orbit books via Shelf Awareness, and 4 from authors. You can check out the details on my review books by looking at my IMM post here and at Inside of a Dog.

My goal for this week is to not visit NetGalley and to not accept any more books for review for the rest of February no matter how long I've got until the book has to be read and the review has to be posted.

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  1. Just today I started my own book buying ban. Mine is because I have really overspent since I got my kindle 6 weeks ago.
    It's going to take me until late April to pay back the money I spent that was put aside for other things.

    I have 11 or 12 actual books on my tbr pile and have bought 40+ for my kindle, and I don't know how many free ebooks I've downloaded.

    It's way to easy to buy ebooks, you just click onve or twice and that's it. They could at least put them in a basket so you can see the total cost, but most places have you buy them one by one so you don't realize how much you are spending.

    As for how I will deal with the book buying urge, I'm going to be buying books for myself from other people for my birthday.
    ( My mother can't use computers, so she asks me to buy my presents. My sister can use a computer but still asks me to shop online for her)

    So whenever I have to give in to the urge, the book I buy will be paid for by someone else, and I won't actually get it until june, by which point my tbr pile will be right down, and I will have enough money to buy books again.(Now I just have to make sure I don't spend more than they are willing to pay)


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