Monday, February 28, 2011

Book Buying Ban: The Wrap-Up

Well, February is over and so is my book buying ban. I wasn't completely successful but I am happy with the progress I made. 

I began the month with 1024 books on my To Read shelf at LibraryThing. I ended the month with 960. It is a small improvement but it is an improvement.

My students benefited because I donated 66 books to my HS Media Center. 61 of them were books that I thought I was going to read but just never got to. 5 were books that I read and then donated. 

Unfortunately, I added 36 books to the TBR list in February. I bought 13, got 11 free for my Kindle, and got 12 books for review. I did most of the additions early in the month. I added 28 books in the first two weeks but only 8 in the last two weeks. I consider that a major improvement since I added 78 books to the TBR stack in January. 

I did read 24 books (Maybe 25 as I am writing this Sunday morning and have a day and a half to finish the book I am currently reading).

I have learned to be less impulsive about buying books or downloading free books. I hope I have also learned not to make so many commitments to review books. I am hoping that the 13 I committed to in March is an aberration and not a trend. I hope I can keep reducing the TBR stack in the coming months.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Great progress! And good luck with reducing your TBR piles even further!


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