Sunday, February 6, 2011

In My YA Mailbox (Feb. 6, 2011)

The weekly In My Mailbox post is hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren. It is fun to see what everyone else gets in their mailboxes, shopping bags, and library visits. Click on the link to The Story Siren's site to see the rules and join in the fun.
I guarantee that your TBR pile will grow when you see all the wonderful books everyone gets. You will discover lots of great blogs and lots of books that you won't be able to live without.

Welcome to week one of my book buying ban. Here is what arrived this week.
I received a review copy of Angel in My Pocket by Ilene Cooper from Ksenia. It sounds like a good middle grade story that is realistic fiction and not paranormal. This has a March 15, 2011 release date.

The Demon Trapper's Daughter by Jana Oliver was pre-ordered long before the ban. This book has gotten a lot of play around the blogs I follow and I am eager to read it for myself.
Vanished by Kristi Holl was a free download for my Kindle. It is a mystery and a realistic fiction story.

Dreaming Anastasia by Joy Preble. I think the subtitle says it all - a novel of love, magic, and the power of dreams. This was also a limited time free download for my Kindle. 

I think I had a good week. I almost kept to my book buying ban. However, my main goal was not to save money but to actually whittle down my TBR stack. Adding free books doesn't help to meet that goal. I need to try harder next week.

What did you get this week?


  1. I'm curious to know what the Demon Trapper's Daughter will be like! Can't wait for your review!

    Here's my IMM

  2. You said before the ban..were did it get banned from?

  3. I want to read The Demon Trapper's Daughter. I know what you mean about the lure of free e-books. I have so many downloaded even from last year that I still haven't read yet! I hope you enjoy your books :)

  4. You got the Demon Trapper's Daughter!

    First that hot Perfect Play (on your other site) and now this one too!

    Kathy I am so so going to sneak into your mailbox and wait for your next batch to arrive. You watch me... so don't be alarmed when you see a tiny Tibetan in your mailbox :)

  5. I hope you like Dreaming anastasia! :)
    I bought it this week. Happy reading! The MG and The Demon Trapper's Daughter both sound good!

    Here's my IMM -

  6. Wonderful books! I wonder whats The Demon Trappers Daughter like. :D Happy Reading!

  7. Great mailbox! Enjoy

    My Post


  8. I'm looking forward to reading The Demon Trapper's Daughter... especially since it's set in Atlanta, my new hometown.

  9. Dreaming Anastasia is meant to be amazing! I hope you enjoy it. I can't wait to see your review!

    Have a great week!

  10. THe Demon trapper's daughter sounds awesome! It's on my wishlist :)

  11. I hope that you enjoy your books. Check out what was In My Mailbox.

  12. Oooh, I downloaded Dreaming Anastasia on my Kindle for iPhone app. Yay free novels! Enjoy all of your books. =)

  13. I've had my eye on The Demon Trapper's Daughter. Can't wait to see what you think of it!

  14. I keep hearing about the demon trapper's daughter, must add that to my list.

  15. I keep hearing about The Demon Trapper's Daughter too. I hope you enjoy it!


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