Saturday, March 5, 2011

Choosing the Next Book

Ginger at GReads posed an interesting question on her blog today: Are you an organized reader? Or do you just pick up whatever book sparks your interest at that moment?

I can clearly and unequivocally say "yes." You might be wondering at my response since those two positions seem diametrically opposed. Here is how I do it.

I try to be organized. 
  • I have stacks of books I have received for review and a spreadsheet that is arranged by the book's publication date. 
  • I have stacks of YA books - both old and new. 
  • I have stacks of adult books - both old and new. 
Recent YA Arrivals
Older YAs
I try to alternate between the three groups but sometimes something new that arrives will just have to jump to the head of the line. 

I set up a tentative plan for the coming week in my It's Monday, What Are You Reading? post. But all plans are subject to adjustment. This week the surprise arrival of a review book that I thought was lost in the mail and the publication of book I have really been longing for has derailed my nicely detailed plans.
Then there are the weeks when nothing that was on the plan catches my attention and I go looking for something else that will be more palatable. I currently have about 975 books in my TBR stack. I can always find something that I really want to read. 

So, you could say that I am an organized impulse reader. What about you? Check out the links at Ginger's blog to find out what other people do.


  1. Wow! you are probably one of the most organized readers I've seen :-) I guess you have to be though, right? I like your idea with the spreadsheet & categorizing them by publication date for review books. I may need to start doing that.

    Thanks for joining the discussion this week!

  2. Wow! I agree with Ginger. You're one of the most organized readers I've seen too! The only organization I really have is in my review book pile, where I organize my release date or the date I told the author/publisher I would post the review. It's always interesting to see how other readers organize their shelves too though!

    Stopped by from the Saturday Network!

  3. *Yay* I'm not the only one who has a spreadsheet for their TBR Stack. Although, I have mine sorted by where/who I got it from.
    If it's a review book I try to get and read and have my review written up as soon as possible, even if I don't plan on publishing it till closer to the release date (I'd totally hate to forget to read it on time).

    But if it's from any of the other stacks I just randomly grab a book and start reading it. ^_^

  4. I have a spreadsheet for my review requests, but never thought of doing one to keep track of when I should post reviews. Great idea! :)


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