Monday, April 18, 2011

Getting Organized

I have discovered a new avoidance tactic -- getting organized. I have been spending time organizing my reading rather than reading.

Thus far, I have sorted out all of the books I have received for review. I have made a pile of those I will never get to for the Teachers' Book Shelf at my HS. One of the English teachers brought in a bookshelf for the Lounge and encourages donations of books. Here are the ARCs I'm adding on Monday. These are adult books that I have received mainly from Shelf Awareness. (Note to self: Stop asking for adult books! You never actually read them.)
This leaves the young adult books (and one lone adult book for a blog tour) shown here in my physical Review pile:
If that were all I had for review, I would be breathing a sigh of relief. However, my NetGalley Collection on my Kindle adds another 12 books and Adobe Digital Editions (living on my laptop) adds still 3 more titles. 

My spreadsheet of review titles which is organized by when the review should be done says I have 27 books still to read and review. I searched around and just moved one from the "my YA books" pile to the review pile. I am also currently reading one. 

It is great getting books to review from authors and publishers. When I was a new blogger, I always used to envy fellow bloggers who talked about getting ARCs. But when does feeling honored change over to feeling overwhelmed? I think I am pretty close.


  1. That sounds familiar! I try to behave and not request too many books on NetGalley, but it is often sooo hard to resist. I think right now I'm down to six galleys, which translates into light at the end of my reading tunnel :-D !!

  2. I'm right there with you. I have a couple of books still to read from GalleyGrab, two to review for Amazon Vine, and several ARCs I received from publishers that I haven't even read yet and the publication dates are coming soon. I felt like I had all the time in the world when they arrived in early March! This doesn't include all my library books. I review for Royal Reviews too so I have to read the books I chose for that. Last week I realized that I forgot to read an ARC for a blog tour :(

    Good job getting organized! While you may feel nearly overwhelmed, it will probably help you to have your books organized. I'm impressed that you have a spreadsheet too. I should try that. Good luck with your reading and reviewing!

  3. You've made me want to make a speadsheet now lol. I'm very good at spending forever deciding what book to read and hunting for new titles and then thinking "Oh yeah, I should probably actually read some of them"

  4. OMG - organisation is the best procrastination tool ever! I used it in school, I used it at university and now I use it at work. You can procrastinate but be prodcutive at the same time!


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