Monday, June 20, 2011

High Up on TBR Mountain

One of the questions on Friday's blog hop was "how many books do you have on your TBR stack?"

Actually, I have been sort of afraid to look. It seems like I'm adding new books every day. But I girded my loins and checked my LibraryThing account. I regularly add every book that I get to that account. I tag the books for help in organizing them.

As of Saturday morning I have 1088 books on my TBR mountain. 182 of them are Young Adult books. Here is a look at some of the newest arrivals:
Here are some of the ones that have been waiting the longest:
Even at my current book a day pace of reading, I am getting behind. I fully expect the folks from the Hoarders TV show to be giving me a call any day now. 

But I have no desire to change my ways. These are all books that I really want to read. What I'm looking for is 30 hour days so that I can get more reading done. Wish me luck!

PS. Eight out of 10 books on my TBR mountain are adult books that I really want to read too.


  1. My TBR pile is pretty scary too. Not 1088 books but still a couple hundred and only a small handful of that number are ones that I actually own. I won't tell the Hoarder's people if you don't :)

  2. I thought my TBR was scary, now it doesn't look so bad. :)
    Good luck with reading down your TBR (we want tell the hoarders show people). :)

  3. WOW you have a REAL TBR Mountain! I joke about it, but you really DO! I have about 200 or so. I haven't actually counte, but I've estimated!.


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