Monday, July 4, 2011

ARC Review: Squish, Super Amoeba by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm

Squish: Super Amoeba
Author: Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm
Publication: Random House Books for Young Readers (May 10, 2011)

Description: Introducing SQUISH—a new graphic novel series about a comic book-loving, twinkie-eating grade school AMOEBA trying to find his place in the world (or at least trying to make it through a school day). Inspired by his favorite comic book hero, SUPER AMOEBA!, Squish has to navigate school (bullies! detention! Principal Planaria!), family (dad: Hates to wear a tie. Secretly listens to heavy metal in the car), and friends (Peggy-rainbows! happy all the time! and Pod . . . who's . . . well, you just have to meet him). Can Squish save the world—and his friends—from the forces of evil lurking in the hallways? Find out in Squish: Super Amoeba—saving the world, one cell at a time!

My Thoughts: This was a cute graphic novel that will appeal to young male readers by the creators of the Babymouse series. Squish is an amoeba but unlike most amoebas Squish likes Twinkies and comic books about his favorite super hero Super Amoeba. Squish has friends at school too. His best friend is Pod who is a scientific genius who is working on the problem of global warming. He is also very concerned with washing his pseudopods and tricking Squish out of his lunch money. His other friend is Peggy who is a paramecium and happy all the time. She can be just a little clueless. Witness her attempt to make friend with Lynwood who is the school bully who is an amoeba who has a bad habit of eating paramecium. 

Squish needs to save Peggy from Lynwood and find out a way to stand up to Lynwood when he wants to copy Squish's science homework. He takes his lesson from his hero Super Amoeba and gets some advice from his dad too. Super Amoeba reminds Squish to "have the courage to do what is right."

I liked the illustrations in this one. Who knew that amoebas could be so cute! I think they will appeal to young students who like gross stuff. The green, black and white color palette is engaging. And, you know, young readers might even learn something about the microscopic world. 

Favorite Quote:
You saved me Super Amoeba!!! You're so courageous!!
No problem. It was the RIGHT THING TO DO.
I received the ARC from Amazon as part of the Amazon Vine program. You can get your copy here.

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