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In My YA Mailbox (July 24, 2011)

The weekly In My Mailbox post is hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren. It is fun to see what everyone else gets in their mailboxes, shopping bags, and library visits. Click on the link to The Story Siren's site to see the rules and join in the fun.
I guarantee that your TBR pile will grow when you see all the wonderful books everyone gets. You will discover lots of great blogs and lots of books that you won't be able to live without.

I got a bunch of books again this week. First are the books I got for review. These are all on my Kindle.
I was approached by Derrolyn Anderson and asked to read her new young adult series. Here is the description for Between the Land and the Sea:
Something extraordinary is lurking in the deep ocean waters off the coast of Aptos, California. In just a few weeks after moving to the small beach town, sixteen year old Marina has nearly drowned twice, enchanted the hottest guy in high school, and discovered a supernatural creature. If she can only manage to survive her increasingly dangerous encounters with unpredictable mermaids, she might just be able to unlock the mystery of her past to learn how to appease the mysterious forces that seem to want something from her...and maybe even find true love along the way.
Book 2: The Moon and the Tide was also available with this intriguing description:
Just when things seem to be all figured out, Marina discovers that there's a lot more going on behind the scenes than she ever imagined. When a terrible accident exposes her secret, she discovers that her whole life has been one big lie, and has to cope with more than one kind of betrayal.

A dangerous enemy arrives on the scene, putting her bravery to the test and forcing her to use all of her new-found talents to protect her family. Will good win out over evil? Can love triumph over jealousy?
 So I got it too. They both sound like interesting young adult stories in the romantic suspense genre. 
I had asked for Fetching by Kiera Stewart at NetGalley quite a while ago. I was surprised to finally be approved for it. I look forward to reading this humorous middle grade novel. I think I have an audience for it at my school.

Elizabeth Bellows approached me to read her book - Alexander Drake's Extraordinary Pursuit - and sent me a PDF. This one sounds like an interesting middle grade adventure that could also be of interest to my students. Here is the description:
Alexander Drake is a curious young man. He lives in a drab, oversized mansion with his secretive father and spends his days playing alone. Where is his mother? And why is his father so tight-lipped about the past?

But secrets have a way of getting out. And a stay at his grandmother's cottage provides strange clues to his father's past. A past Alexander is determined to find out about.

With a mysterious key and several maps in his pack, he sets off on an innocent search for answers about his family.

The discovery of a secret passageway opens the door to dangers, and wonders, unimaginable. And each answer leads to more questions and the journey of his life.

Join Alexander for a thrilling adventure in Azra's Pith, a place of beauty and magic... but beware--something evil lurks in the shadows.
I also added some print books to my overflowing baskets of summer reading.
I had heard great things about Jo Walton's Among Others and when I had a chance to get a used copy at Amazon Marketplace I decided to give it a try. I do enjoy Walton's book reviews on and like her writing style.

I had to get Across the Great Barrier by Patricia C. Wrede as soon as it came out. I am a fan of her writing style and just wish that she wrote faster. This one continues the story of Eff that was begun in The Thirteenth Child. It is a historical fantasy taking place in the Midwestern US with magic and dragons and other wonders. This is also a particularly lovely example of bookmaking. the cover illustration is lovely and the spine of the jacket is embossed. Beautiful book!
I also got a finished copy of The Dark City by Catherine Fisher. I read the ARC and am now collecting the whole set in finished copies for my bookshelves. 

That is what I got in my mailbox this week. What did you get in yours?


  1. Ooh haven't heard of those but they look pretty interesting! Happy Reading!

    Here's my IMM

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. I really liked Thirteenth Child when I read it last year. I look forward to your review of Across the Great Barrier. I do like this cover better than Thirteenth Child. I wonder if they will give that one a similar cover to this.

  3. I've read good things about The Dark City

  4. WOW! What a great haul! I've been wondering about Catherine Fisher's latest series - haven't dug into them yet - but may before the summer is out.

    THanks for sharing!

    Michelle from Pineapples & Pyjamas

  5. I know all about those overflowing summer reading baskets. My pile just seems to get bigger and bigger. Hope you can make a dent in yours. Looks like you have some great reading lined up!

  6. I haven't really heard if any of those! But I hope you enjoy them all!!

  7. Great set! I love the cover for Among Others. I'm interested in Fetching.
    My IMM

  8. Great mailbox this week. I think Fetching looks really cute! Enjoy all your books!

  9. I've got Between the Land and Sea to read as well, it sounds great! I like the look of The Dark City too - happy reading :).

  10. Fetching really sounds like a lot of fun:D Enjoy it!

  11. I love the covers for Among Others and Across the Great Barrier! Hope you enjoy them ;)

  12. Wow! You got a ton of great reads!

  13. You have a nice list of books in your mailbox this week. I need to start reading Marina's Tales, they both sound like good books.
    Happy Reading,
    Book Sniffers Anonymous

  14. Great books this week. The Dark City sounds like a great read. =)


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