Saturday, December 24, 2011

Book Review: 8 by Michael Mullin

Author: Michael Mullin
Publication: Gemiknight STudios, LLC (November 9, 2010)

Description: This is the previously untold story of the previously unknown 8th dwarf, named Creepy. He was banished to the basement for being different and, well, weird. Yet he played a vital - and of course previously unknown - role in the popular tale of Snow White (whose title character is an intruder Creepy refers to as "the Maid").

My Thoughts: This was a quick read of only seven pages. It posits a previously unknown eighth dwarf who was banished to the cellar for being unlike the other seven dwarfs. This one - named Creepy - watches through cracks in the floor from the cellar as Snow White visits and is tricked three times by the evil Queen. She is only saved by the quick thinking of Creepy who ends up being her unknown and unappreciated savior. 

The verse was amusing but with a couple of rhymes that felt a little forced. I liked the story and think that it could inspire other young writers to do their own takes on familiar fairy tales told by previously unknown or unused narrators. 

Favorite Quote:
The Maid (not the sharpest knife in the drawer),
Fell in almost exactly the same spot as before.
Creepy sighed, shook his head, then got his stool quick.
But only reached the poison comb with the aid of a stick.
I received this one for review. You can get a copy here.

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