Saturday, March 10, 2012

ARC Review: Traitor's Son by Hilari Bell

Traitor's Son
Author: Hilari Bell
Publication: Houghton Mifflin Books for Children (March 20, 2012)

Description: In Trickster's Girl, when Kesla's journey comes to an end, she passes the pouch and the quest on to someone else. She picks Jason, a native boy she thinks will be able to finish the job. But in fact, a family feud has cut Jason off from his traditional roots, and he is even more doubtful and resistant than Kesla was. But Raven, now a beautiful girl, is quite persuasive and manages to convince Jason this is something not only that he can do, but that he must if he wants to heal his family and the earth.

My Thoughts: In this second, and apparently final, book of the Raven Duet the medicine bag and the task of healing the damaged ley line has been passed to Jason Mintok. Jase is much more interested in his Tesla - the vintage car that is his pride and joy - than he is in nature of any kind. When Raven comes to him in the guise of a hot teenage girl, he is very disbelieving. Part of his disbelief comes from a court case that has separated him from his Native roots and caused a major rift between his lawyer father and shaman grandfather. But part of it comes from his own belief that he is just an ordinary guy who can't do what Raven insists he can.

This was completely a case of an ordinary guy rising to extraordinary heights to fight for what he loves. And his enemies are very determined that he not succeed in healing the ley line. They invade his school and his dreams. These aliens have no respect for human life or for individual humans and really want to wipe them out so that they will stop doing damage to the Earth. Raven is on the other side and wants the humans to survive and heal their own world with his/her assistance. The two factions are fighting a battle on Earth with a complex set of rules and neutral parties to enforce them with humans caught between them.

I liked the adventure. I really liked Jase and thought he came across as a realistic teenage boy. I liked the relationship between Jase and his family. I especially liked his close relationship with his grandmother. Readers who have read Trickster's Girl will want to read this one for the rest of the story. It can stand alone but is much richer if the reader knows what happened in the first book. I recommend the series to people who like adventure, ecology, and a fascinating paranormal world. 

Favorite Quote:
But all the while, the back of Jase's mind was assimilating the fact that if Native magic was real, if their wise women could summon the wind, if their spirits could shift from girl to bird and back again--that maybe Raven was telling the truth. And if she was...

He wanted no part of it.
I was sent an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review. You can buy your copy here.

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