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ARC Review: Dead of Night by Lynn Viehl

Dead of Night 
Author: Lynn Viehl
Publication: Flux (July 8, 2012)

Description: True love . . . and an undying obsession

Catlyn Youngblood has a secret life. Despite being a natural-born vampire hunter like her two older brothers, Cat has fallen for Jesse—an ageless boy from a centuries-old vampire clan.

Cat’s job cataloguing rare, mystical texts at a bookstore allows her to meet with Jesse alone every evening. But when girls who look disturbingly similar to Cat start disappearing from town, Cat and Jesse discover frightening clues to their whereabouts within the book collection. Together, they must stop a crazed man from realizing his dark scheme— one that would claim Cat’s life. 

My Thoughts: This story is a contemporary take on the Romeo and Juliet story. Catlyn Youngblood is a descendant of the Van Helsing family though her mother apparently ran away with a vampire leaving her Van Helsing family behind. Her parents are both dead now and she and her brothers have been on the move ever since. Her guardian is her older brother Patrick (Trick) who has been working with computers until he decided to come to Florida and start a horse breeding business. Her other brother Gray is nearer her age but still older. Catlyn is almost sixteen.

One day (in book 1) when Cat was riding her horse at night she met a boy. Jesse Raven was older and mysterious and they fell in love. But Jesse is almost a vampire. He and his family were killed by a vampire and given the vampire's blood. They have the advantages of vampires - long life, fast reflexes, good night vision - and some of the disadvantages too like an inability to go out in the sun but they haven't become vampires themselves. Neither family wants their child involved with the other.

This story begins after some sort of climactic episode at the Halloween dance that resulted in Trick wiping the minds of most of the town. He tried to wipe Cat's memory but it didn't work. She hates and resents her brothers for their decision to wipe her memory but she hasn't told them it didn't work. She is still seeing Jesse in secret.

Now a new problem has come to the town. Someone is kidnapping young girls and it doesn't take Cat long to realize that the girls are all similar in appearance to her. To earn some Christmas money and help out her family, Cat gets a job in a bookstore doing inventory and cataloging a collection left when an old recluse died. She and Jesse use her time in the bookstore to be together. They also discover that the old recluse knew about Jesse's family but drew the wrong conclusion from his observations. Jesse and Cat have to find the girls because they feel responsible for their kidnapping.

Cat learns more about her past in this story and more about her powers. Trick can wipe out memories; Gray can track vampires; and Cat can call felines to her. She feels that she was shorted on the cool powers front. She also learns that she can see the past when she touches blood and uses it to help find the kidnapped girls.

This was an exciting romance about two young people who won't be separated and will do anything to be together. Young romantics will really enjoy this one. 

Favorite Quote:
My heritage meant nothing to me. I didn't want to be a vampire, a vampire hunter, or anything else besides a normal human girl. Jesse wanted to be human again, too. So if there was some way for us to be normal again, I was going to find it.
I received this eARC from Flux via NetGalley. You can buy a copy of the book here.

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