Monday, July 16, 2012

Book Blogger Confessions (July 16, 2012)

Book Blogger Confessions is a new Monday meme started by Tiger at Tiger's All-Consuming Books and Karen at For What It's Worth. The purpose of the meme is best stated by Karen here:
"Tiger and I thought it might be time to start a meme to discuss some of the frustrations that are unique to book bloggers. What happens when the hobby you love becomes more of a chore?
This meme will appear on the first and third Mondays of the month. Tiger or Karen will give us a question to respond to and a linky for sharing our responses and developing community.

This week's question is: What do we owe publishers and authors? If we accept ARC’s do we “owe” anything to them or just an honest review to our follower? As book bloggers are we obligated to do more than just review books? Post covers – participate on tours – host guest posts?

I think anything beyond an honest review is completely up to the individual blogger. I very seldom take part in tours or host guest posts but will if I like the author's work or liked the particular book that is being offered. Of course, posting covers, guest posts and taking part in tours does give you content for your blog. If you are concerned about posting regularly but real life gets in your way, those sorts of posts will let you have something on your blog. I usually don't need this sort of fill on my blogs. Also, I do get tired of seeing 20 or more posts in my feed reader showing me the same cover for a book I won't be able to get for months.

Personally, 1) I talk about the book when I receive it on my Stacking the Shelves post, 2) talk about the book when it is on the reading schedule on my It's Monday, What Are You Reading? post, 3) spotlight most books on a Teaser Tuesday or Book Beginnings or Friday 56 post, and 4) post the review on my blog, on Amazon, on LibraryThing, and on Goodreads. My reviews are automatically tweeted too. I think I do my part to publicize and build excitement for a book.

I think I "pay" for the ARCs I get with the amount of exposure I provide. What do you think?


  1. When I have an actual paper copy, I find I will read and review the book even if I am not wild about it. Digital ARCs are much easier to ignore. I'm not keen on blog tours or interviews unless I really like the author. Think you are right on all counts, oh wise one!

  2. I too get tired of seeing the same cover reveal in my feed too. I do think we pay for the book , by doing all the hard work to publize a book that isn't out yet.

  3. Unless I really love the author and their books I don't do cover reveals anymore. As you said, the whole feed is clogged with 100 of the same posts. I'm almost tempted to ban that book from my TBR pile. lol

    It kind of makes me laugh when people keep saying *free* ARC's. I have spent more money on books and my blog than I will ever make back with those free books.

    You make a good point about exposure. I also tweet, do Goodread status updates and the like when I'm reading a book. I think that's more than enough.

  4. Great point about what we "pay" in our time and energy for those ARCs.

  5. I personally believe that an honest review for the book sent to you is all that is owed. If I loved a book I will find the author's page and include a link or the book trailer with the review. But that's it. On to the next book. LOL

  6. I love having content for my blog I don't have to come up with myself. There's still a bit of work getting the post together, but it's usually easier than doing a dialogue myself.

    Still, I don't owe publishers a spot on my blog. I pick and choose the ones I want to participate in and how I want to participate, just like I choose the books I want to read.

  7. I feel that all we owe is an honest review. All the rest is up to the individual blogger. Also, I only feel obligated to review ARCs, etc. that I agreed to accept. Unsolicited copies might get reviewed, or they might not.


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