Monday, September 17, 2012

Book Blogger Confessions: Blogger Relations (Sept. 17, 2012)

Book Blogger Confessions is a new Monday meme started by Tiger at Tiger's All-Consuming Books and Karen at For What It's Worth. With Tiger moving away and changing the focus of her blogging, Pam from Midnyte Reader will be joining with Karen to host this meme. The purpose of the meme is best stated by Karen here:
"Tiger and I thought it might be time to start a meme to discuss some of the frustrations that are unique to book bloggers. What happens when the hobby you love becomes more of a chore?
This meme will appear on the first and third Mondays of the month. One of the hosts will give us a question to respond to and a linky for sharing our responses and developing community.

This week's question is: Blogger relations: Are there blogs you visit and comment on because you like their style, voice etc.(maybe you even converse with the blogger on Twitter & Facebook) but those comments are never reciprocated on your blog?. Do you get a bit offended or do you understand that they may be busy? Or do you comment just because you like a post not expecting anything in return?

First of all, I need to say that I am a bad blogger. I have been so busy since the start of this school year that I am having all I can do to keep reading and writing posts for my blog. I haven't had a chance to visit anyone else's blog for weeks. I have been quickly glancing at certain categories of blogs in my Google Reader and just marking the rest "read."

I am not at all offended when I comment on someone's blog and they don't comment back. I understand being busy. I am more likely to comment back if someone leaves me a link but I don't always have something to say. I can understand why other bloggers would feel the same way. 

When I choose to comment on a blog, it is because the writer has said something I found interesting. I don't expect reciprocity. I don't expect close relationships in my blogging life. I have enough in my real life. Any relationships I develop while blogging are jelly on the bread and butter of my other relationships.


  1. Great post! :) This week's question is a good reminder for me to be better about leaving comments and commenting back. But, I'm busy too -- so I'm going to take little steps.

  2. I love your answer! That's how I feel--and if it means my blog stays with few followers, that's the way it goes!

  3. It's so difficult to slice out time to read/comment other blogs. It doesn't make you a bad blogger. It makes you a busy person.

  4. That's so true that you have something worthwhile to comment on ;0) . I totally get you are busy with school.

  5. I've been too busy too. I used to visit 20-30 blogs a day but now I'm lucky if I get a post up.

    As we've all said before - this can't become a job and commenting is just another thing that we have to ease up on ourselves about.

    I like the idea of commenting on something that connect with us.

  6. It seems we are all thinking the same thing when it comes to comments. I figure if I am not getting comments it is because I am just not stimulating enough and to try harder the next time.


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