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Book Blogger Confessions: Giving Thanks (Nov. 19, 2012)

Book Blogger Confessions is a new Monday meme started by Tiger at Tiger's All-Consuming Books and Karen at For What It's Worth. With Tiger moving away and changing the focus of her blogging, Pam from Midnyte Reader will be joining with Karen to host this meme. The purpose of the meme is best stated by Karen here:
"Tiger and I thought it might be time to start a meme to discuss some of the frustrations that are unique to book bloggers. What happens when the hobby you love becomes more of a chore?
This meme will appear on the first and third Mondays of the month. One of the hosts will give us a question to respond to and a linky for sharing our responses and developing community.

This week's question is: Giving thanks: Is there a book that you are thankful you have read?  Maybe it has changed your life in a small or even a large way, or made you see things in a different perspective.  

There are three books that I think of in the "change your life" category. All of them are books I read in the 80s and have read numerous time since. They are ultimate comfort books for me though none of the plots are "comfortable."
The first book I think of is a romantic suspense title by Elizabeth Lowell - Tell Me No Lies. This title is about the romance between Lindsay and Catlin. She has a reputation and a gift for detecting Chinese art forgeries. He is a former CIA operative who is hired to keep her alive. The romance is wonderful because both characters are strong confident people. The tension as Lindsay gets involved in the world of art forgery and the even deeper plot of the US relationship with China kept me on the edge of my seat. The information about Chinese art was interesting but didn't overwhelm the plot. This one is still available for the Kindle and you can get print used copies at reasonable prices. I have three copies on my shelves now.

The second book is That Man Cartwright by Ann Fairbairn. This book is harder to describe. It is about a man who is jolted out of his comfortable life when he inherits a newspaper from his Uncle. He moves from his life as an advertising executive in New York (leaving his life and wife behind) to Central California where he gets involved in the fight to unionize migrant workers. I love Cuff Cartwright. He has to decide what he will do for his beliefs. There is also a tentative new romance as he starts to get over his wife's decision that they divorce. I also love the friendships in this story. This one is long out of print but I have both a paperback and a hardcover of it on my shelves. As you can see in the picture above, the prices for copies are pretty outrageous.
The final book on my list is a romance. Sunshine and Shadow is by Sharon and Tom Curtis. It is a romance about a cynical movie director who was an abused child actor and an innocent and unworldly Amish widow. I love both characters. I loved that both had to change in order for their romance to succeed. I thought the imagery was wonderful and the emotion very intense in this story. I liked the look into both the world of making movies and the world of being Amish. This one is also out of print and available for rather outrageous prices for a new one. I have two copies on my shelf.

What books changed your life?


  1. These books sounds interesting and so different from each other. It's funny how some books just effect you in a certain way. Maybe it's the writing, or the characters or something about the story that just connects with you and ends up becoming a lifetime fixture on your bookshelf.

  2. wow such different books and yet comfort books. yes a couple books from the 80's are still my favorites :)

  3. Sunshine and Shadow sounds wonderful.

    I haven't read any of these butt he common thread seems to be confronting your beliefs with strong compelling characters.

    I love a great book that you can always go back to when you need it.


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