Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Memes: Dead Girl Moon by Charlie Price

Happy Friday everybody!!
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This week I am spotlighting Dead Girl Moon by Charlie Price. I got this ARC from Macmillan. I chose it because it was a mystery. I like mysteries and don't think there are enough good mysteries written for young adults. Here is the description:
As their hardscrabble lives intertwine in a small, corrupt Montana town, Grace, a scheming runaway, JJ, her drifty fostercare sister, and Mick, the son of a petty thief, discover the body of a young woman. Afraid to come forward, the teens try to hide their knowledge of the crime, because they believe the murderer is one of the corrupt officials and businessmen who rule their town. But after a series of false moves and dumb mistakes, the teens are soon suspects themselves in a murder investigation threatening their freedom—and maybe their lives.
Grace loved a song called Dreamtrails by Dirty Mittens. The melody haunted, the lyrics told her story.
Friday 56: 
She opened the door and swung her legs out, started to stand and got jerked off her feet as he tugged her the rest of the way out. She got a whiff of alcohol as he pulled her close.


  1. Even though I don't often read young adult books, I'll read this one. The characters sound like they're not cookie-cutter, which is always refreshing.

  2. Whoa! Who's the guy with the bad breath??? LOL.... I got to know more!!!

  3. Whoah. Whoah, whoah, WHOAH! That's not enough! It sounds so interesting! I already love "she"/Grace. Is the guy with the bad breath her dad?
    AWESOME opener and 56 despite how they were super mystifying. I'll have to read the book.

    My book beginning:

  4. Imdon't read a lot of YA fiction, but this sounds like a very well written book.

  5. Who's the guy with alcohol on his breath...and does she really want him pulling her close?

    Here's my Friday Post.


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