Monday, April 15, 2013

Book Blogger Confessions: My Future in Blogging (April 15, 2013)

Book Blogger Confessions is a meme that posts the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month, where book bloggers "confess" and vent about blogging/bookish topics. Feel free to share, vent and offer solutions. It is hosted by Karen at For What It's Worth and Pam from Midnyte ReaderOne of the hosts will give us a question to respond to and a linky for sharing our responses and developing community.

This week's question is: How long do you see yourself blogging for? Do you think it's ok for a blog to evolve over time? For example: You may have started out as a book review blog but now your interest is in cooking as well. Do you incorporate that or start over?

I don't see an end to my blogging. I do see a future when I will be consolidating my two blogs back into one though. Right now I run two separate blogs—one for my adult reading and one for my young adult reading. I separate the two in case my students are looking at my blog. Some of the things I read and review aren't really appropriate for middle graders and younger YAs. As a school media specialist, I feel it is better to keep the whole range of what I read separated by age level. 

When I retire (which is just a few years away), I will likely combine the two blogs into one that will just record all my reading. I don't anticipate reading much less young adult material because I really enjoy quite a lot of it.

My blogs haven't shifted focus. I am a reader and have always been a reader. I can't imagine that changing in the future. I hope that my blog is better than when I began it as I have hopefully learned to be a better writer. That is the only sort of evolution I expect to see in my blog. 

What about you? What do you see as your future in blogging? 


  1. I always worry about the mix of genres I review. I used to review quite a bit of mid-grade but then felt weird when very young girls commented because I had more adult fare on there too.

    I stick to YA and adult for now but I don't want to limit myself too much.

  2. wow 2 blogs ..I too have always been a reader but have moved the family blog & pics onto another one . Well I am taking a break soon :)

  3. You've mentioned you are retiring in a few years a couple of times now...Counting the days? : )

    I totally understand why you're keeping the two blogs separate and I think that's responsible. I agree with you, I hope my blog is better than when I began it as well.

  4. I too have 2 blogs but they are the same just in a different blog site. Maybe I should just have one? I just wanted my followers to get the same information if they have one blog and not the other.
    But I like how you separate your blogs for your students.


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