Monday, July 22, 2013

ARC Review: Hunter Moran Hangs Out by Patricia Reilly Giff

Hunter Moran Hangs Out
Author: Patricia Reilly Giff
Publication: Holiday House (August 1, 2013)

Description: When Hunter and his twin brother, Zack, hear from Sarah Yulefski that there is going to be a kidnapping in Newfield, they are on high alert. But the most shocking news is yet to come: they figure out that Steadman, their younger brother, is the kidnapper's target. After erecting a rickety lookout tower high in a tree in nearby Werewolf Woods, they discover suspicious activities going on around town: a probable ax murderer is hiding in the cellar of an empty house, Bradley the neighborhood bully is poking at what must be dead bodies in the pond, and a suspicious letter arrives for Mom. Meanwhile, Mom heads to the hospital to give birth to a new sibling whom the boys hope to name Killer Godzilla while hapless Nana tries to hold down the fort at the chaotic Moran family home.

My Thoughts: Hunter and Zach Moran have all sorts of exciting adventures in the four days before they begin sixth grade. A friend overhears a kidnapping threat and the twins are busy trying to keep their five-year-old brother Steadman safe. Of course, their older sister Linny thinks she might be the victim. When the family dog Fred disappears the hunt picks up steam.

Could it be the strangers who have moved into the empty house across the street? Is it Linny's friend Becca who doesn't like Fred anyway? Why is the local bully Bradley hanging around the bottomless pond in the woods? What is going on at Gussie's Gym?

Other things are happening in this action-packed story too. Mom is getting ready to have baby number seven and all the kids have come up with names for the new arrival. And, worst of all, Hunter and Zach have put off their summer reading and now have just four days to read three books.

The story is filled with slapstick humor and middle grader logic. It is a quick read that will have middle graders trying to solve the mystery along with Hunter and Zach. 

Favorite Quote:
"Have a boy," we call after her, crossing fingers and toes.

"Think of names," she calls back.

We don't have to think. We've figured it out already. K. G. for Killer Godzilla. We'll tell Mom it's for Kevin George, or something regular like that.
I got this ARC for review at ALA. You can buy your copy here.

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