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ARC Review: The Cutting Room Floor by Dawn Klehr

The Cutting Room Floor
Author: Dawn Klehr
Publication: Flux (October 8, 2013)

The camera moves in on RILEY FROST, a beautiful 17-year-old girl with long dark hair, crying on the porch step.
RILEY (voiceover)
The gossip has spread far and wide. My secret girlfriend publicly dumped and outed me at the same time, and now I’m on social death row. But that’s not the worst of it. My favorite teacher, Ms. Dunn, was murdered at school. Now I’m beginning to feel like I’m trapped in a whodunit movie. And I can’t help thinking that Ms. Dunn’s killer is close by.
DEZ, a handsome 17-year-old boy, peers through  his window at RILEY.
DEZ (voiceover)
I do this a lot—watch my life through the eyes of a director. I want to be that one person in charge. I wish I didn’t crave control. But I do . . . badly. And though I might not be able to control Riley, I can help get her to where she needs to be. Convince. Persuade. Protect. I’ll make Riley love me, even if it means I have to play the villain.

My Thoughts: This story was a combination of thriller and romance taking place in a high school outside the Twin Cities. It is told in the first person by two narrators. Desmond Brandt wants to be a film director and sees everything as though it were a movie.  Riley Frost is an actress who is going through some issues with her sexuality. She has just had a very public break-up with her girlfriend which has made her a pariah in her high school. She is also still reeling from the death of her favorite teacher who was murdered at the school.

Desmond and Riley grew up next door to each other and have been best friends since they were pre-schoolers. Desmond wants to change the relationship because he has fallen in love with her. Riley doesn't see this because of the other relationship turmoil in her life. 

Between working on their final film project, Riley trying to find out who killed her favorite teacher, and problems with the mayor's daughter who is harassing her in the name of Christianity, this story is filled with action and tension.

THE CUTTING ROOM FLOOR was a compelling page turner. Because of the writing style, I was watching the story unfold as the characters did which really built the tension and kept me reading late into the evening. It was filled with all sorts of drama, even beyond the film that was being made.

I recommend this one to thriller lovers and those who like relationship stories. 

Favorite Quote:
Love is simple and complicated and easy and hard. People do great and terrible things all in the name of it. Love, to be cliché. makes the world go round.

But mostly, love is honest. It has to be.
I got this ARC at ALA. You can buy your copy here.

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