Thursday, November 28, 2013

Book Review: Darkbeast Rebellion by Morgan Keyes

Darkbeast Rebellion
Author: Morgan Keyes
Publication: Margaret K. McElderry Books (September 24, 2013)

Description: Betrayal threatens everything Keara dreams of in this fast-paced, exciting sequel to Darkbeast.

Keara, her friend Goran, and the wily old actor, Taggart, are fleeing for their lives. They have all spared their darkbeasts, the creatures that take on their darker deeds and emotions and lift their spirits. But their actions defy the law, which dictates that all citizens must kill their darkbeasts on their twelfth birthdays.

There are rumors of safe havens, groups of people called Darkers who spared their darkbeasts and live outside the law. To find the Darkers, the trio must embark on a dangerous journey—and evade the Inquisitors who are searching for them everywhere. In the middle of winter, freezing and exhausted, Keara and her companions are taken to an underground encampment that seems the answer to all their hopes. But are these Darkers really what they appear to be?

My Thoughts: Keara, Goran and Taggart are on the run. Since none of them killed their darkbeasts at the age of twelve, they are breaking the law. They are being hunted by the Inquisitors who are determined to find these heretics and bring them to justice.

When the story begins, the trio is following rumors of a group of people called Darkers. She are traveling in the winter, in a deep forest, and they have run out of food. Luck has them locate a group of Darkers but something about them just doesn't seem right to Keara. She is right to be suspicious. They are fakes set up by the Inquisitor Ducis to trap those who don't kill their darkbeasts.

Keara, Goran and Taggart are taken to the Primate's city Lutecia and put under control of the Inquisitor Ducis who happens to be the Primate's son. There they meet the Primate's younger son who is now his heir. Dillon is a frustrated scholar who will soon have to give up his scholarship and learn the work of the Primate. He and his brother use Keara, Goran, and Taggart in a sort of tug of war for power.

They manage to escape again, this time taking Dillon along with them, and make their way to an actual outpost of Darkers. Taggart and Goran fit right in and are voted as members of the community but Keara has a harder time of it. 

This was an exciting story that was filled with danger and adventure. I liked Keara's relationship with her darkbeast Caw and I liked that she was still struggling with pride, impatience and other faults despite Caw's guidance. 

Fans of fantasy novels will enjoy this sequel to Darkbeast and hope that there are more adventures coming. 

Favorite Quote:
"Should we have gone to the breeding room, then?"

"I'm not inclined to go voluntarily to any place held out as a threat. Besides, we're here now. Nothing to be done for it. But speak to this boy. Find out what he wants. And why he's willing to go against the Inquisitor Ducis to get it."
This was an unsolicited review copy. You can buy your copy here.

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