Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Good-bye, 2013. Hello, 2014!
With a new year coming, it is time to look back at my past year in reading. I have two three ways I do that. I add every new book to my LibraryThing account, keep a Google spreadsheet listing each book I read, and add each book I am currently reading to GoodReads. 

I add each new book to a variety of collections. I have a collection for the year, a "to read" collection, a Review collection, and a Kindle collection to name just a few. My 2013 collection shows that I added 766 books. I didn't buy that many, thankfully.

I received 214 books for review this year including the 63 I got at ALA in June. I also added the books I read to my students to my LibraryThing account this year. That added 44 and I know I missed quite a few. 

340 of my new acquisitions were books added to my Kindle.

I also added 40 audiobooks to my collection including the 20 free SYNC titles offered this past summer. The rest were from Tantor Media's Bargain Bin and cost $6.99 each.

As of this date, 465 of them are still marked TBR - to be read. These make up only part of the 1897 books still marked TBR in my whole collection.

Each year I keep track of the books I read. I don't usually include the books I am reading to my students in this spreadsheet. I include the date I finished the book, the number of pages, and the genres the book fits into.

In 2013, I read 275 books. My biggest month was July when I read 32 books. I read a total of 89,267 pages. 127 of the books I read were Young Adult. 184 were books I had for review. 71 of the books I read were from my TBR mountain. Romances with 71 and Mysteries with 78 were the most read genres. Science fiction came in third with 61 books because of all of those YA dystopias and post-apocalyptic titles. 

My GoodReads number of finished books for the year was 280. I gave four 2 star ratings, eighteen 3 star ratings, and sixty-four 5 star ratings. The bulk of the books I read were rated 4 stars.

All in all I had a great reading year and hope to match or exceed it in 2014.

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  1. Wow on reading 275 books. CONGRATS...that is awesome.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

    Happy New Year!!

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