Wednesday, February 5, 2014

ARC Review: Avalon by Mindee Arnett

Author: Mindee Arnett
Publication: Balzer + Bray (January 21, 2014)

Description: For fans of Josh Whedon’s cult classic television show Firefly comes a fascinating and fast-paced sci-fi thriller from author Mindee Arnett, about a group of teenage mercenaries who stumble upon a conspiracy that threatens the entire galaxy.

Jeth Seagrave and his crew have made their name stealing metatech: the devices that allow people to travel great distances faster than the speed of light. In a world where the agencies that patrol the outer edges of space are as corrupt as the crime bosses who control them, it’s as much of a living as anyone can ask for. For years Jeth’s managed to fly under the radar of the government that executed his parents for treason—but when he finds himself in possession of information that both government and the crime bosses are willing to kill for, he’s going to find there’s no escaping his past anymore.

With pulse-pounding action, a captivating mystery, and even a bit of romance, Avalon is the perfect read for hard-core sci-fi fans and non–sci-fi fans alike.

My Thoughts: AVALON was an exciting science fiction story of epic proportions. Jeth Seagrave has been under the control of crime lord Hammer Dafoe ever since his parents died and his uncle lost Avalon, their spaceship, in a card game. He and his crew, including his younger sister Libby, have been forced to work for Hammer stealing whatever he says. Jeth has been trying to save enough money to buy back Avalon and leave Hammer's employ.

Just when he is getting close, Hammer sends him on a mission to a dangerous part of space to retrieve a ship and a secret weapon. But Jeth's crew isn't the only one looking. He is approached by a man named Reford who is an agent of the ITA, the organization that controls space travel. Reford offers to help him get free of Hammer if he throws in with him. Jeth doesn't know who he can trust.

Things get even more complicated when he finds the ship and finds that there are survivors. Two teenagers and a six-year-old are on the wrecked ship. Sierra, Vince and little Cora have agendas of their own. Neither group can trust the other and Jeth keeps plotting ways to get free of Hammer even if it means betraying Sierra, Vince and Cora.

The story is filled with action. Jeth and his crew are in incredible danger from both Hammer and Renford. Hammer is determined to keep control of Jeth and fix him with a device that will make him a zombie soldier in his army. Jeth feels overwhelmed with the threats that are coming from all sides. However, he is not the sort of person to give up.

The characters were all well-rounded and interesting people. The writing was engaging and the action was non-stop. I look forward to more adventures with Jeth and his crew.

Favorite Quote:
For the first time in his life the idea that freedom might not exist at all threatened to overwhelm him. Was the promise of freedom just something the desperate and oppressed clung to because they didn't have anything else? Had it always been just a dream, a fantasy built up in the mind of a boy forced to grow up too soon?

Jeth didn't know. And as the hours ticked by, he tried to convince himself that he didn't care.
I got this ARC through the Amazon Vine Program. You can buy your copy here.

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