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ARC Review: Perfect Lies by Kiersten White

Perfect Lies
Author: Kiersten White
Series: Mind Games
Publication: HarperTeen (February 18, 2014)

Description: This explosive sequel to Mind Games, which New York Times bestselling author Holly Black called "a brutal, exciting gem of a book," is perfect for fans of Sara Shepard's The Lying Game series. Perfect Lies is a lightning-fast, wickedly smart tale of two sisters trapped in a web of deceit.

For years, Annie and Fia have been in an endless battle for survival against the Keane Foundation. Now the sisters have found allies who can help them escape. But Annie's visions of the future and Fia's flawless instincts can't always tell them who to trust. The sisters can only rely on each other—and even their extraordinary gifts may not be enough to save them.

My Thoughts: PERFECT LIES continues Annie and Fia's quest to survive the Keane Foundation. Both girls are psychics who have skills that make them desirable tools for Phillip Keane. Fia has managed to rescue her blind sister and settle her with Lerner - a rival to the Keane Foundation before throwing in with Phillip's son James. James has told her that he wants to destroy his father's foundation and free the girls who are trapped doing Keane's bidding.

Annie needs to figure out who she can trust in this new organization. Her visions of the future have become less frequent just when she needs them most. She is also tired of the being the one who needs to be protected and taken care of.

The story was exciting as it built to a epic climax. The way the story was written demanded an experienced and sophisticated reader. It was told in the first person from both Annie's and Fia's point of view. Each chapter alternated the narrator. To make it even more complex, the story was not linear. Here are the titles of the first five chapters:

  • FIA: Every Day
  • ANNIE: Four Months Before
  • FIA: Five Days Before
  • ANNIE: Three and a Half Months Before
  • FIA: Four Days Before

In each stream, we are counting down to some epic climactic event. We are given hints and visions and, in Annie's case, a clear view of what she sees happening. The story was fast-paced and compelling. Both Annie and Fia were characters who commanded my attention. I will admit that I was most drawn to Fia because of the emotional pain that she was suffering.

Sophisticated readers will enjoy this sequel to MIND GAMES.

Favorite Quote:
I used to be a compass, trained on the true north of protecting Annie. Without her I lost my north.

But James is my north now. The flames are my north now. Our dark secrets are my north now.

I tap tap tap tap on the magazine. Annie. Annie. Annie. Annie.

Don't think about Annie.
I got this eARC from HarperTeen via Edelweiss for review. You can buy your copy here.

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