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Book Review: Gideon's Spear by Darby Karchut

Gideon's Spear
Author: Darby Karchut
Series: Finn Finnegan (Book 2)
Publication: Spencer Hill Press; 1 edition (February 4, 2014)

Description: For Finn MacCullen, it's time to Irish up.

With a shout, Finn held the spear aloft. "Come along, ye manky beasties," he yelled, throwing every bit of Gideon-ness he could into his voice. "I've a wee point to share with ye!" Gripping the end of the shaft in both hands, he swung it around and around over his head, creating a whistling sound. "Faugh a ballagh!" "The Spear!" Goblin voices screeched in panic. "The Spear of the Tuatha De Danaan!"

"Yeah, you got that right!" Finn yelled back.

When a power-crazed sorceress and the neighborhood pack of beast-like goblins team up and threaten both his master and his friends, thirteen-year-old Finn (not Finnegan) MacCullen does the only thing an apprentice monster hunter can do: he takes the fight to the enemy. And woe to the foe he meets along the way.

My Thoughts: GIDEON'S SPEAR was an excellent sequel to FINN FINNEGAN.  Finn is still getting used to the idea that he is really Gideon Lir's apprentice and that he has found a home where he is loved and valued. Finn is having a bit of trouble getting used to the idea the he is the legendary Spear that can defeat the Amandán. He is also having some issues with the parents of his friends Rafe and Savannah. Their father is convinced that Finn is being abused by Gideon because he frequently has bruises and cuts. He has called Social Services and set a caseworker on them both.

Rafe and Savannah are African-Americans and come from a warrior tradition themselves. Their African grandfather has given Rafe an assengai and taught him how to use it. Being thirteen-year-old boys they find great humor in saying assengai. Rafe and Savannah have had first hand experience fighting the Amandán and know that they are real. But Gideon has forbidden Finn to tell Rafe and Savannah's parents about what is really going on.

The main conflict in this story comes from a witch - though she prefers "enchantress" - named Iona of the Hills who wants to control Gideon's Spear. She has made an agreement with the Amandán and is working with them. Gideon has a long history with Iona. He is convinced that she is the one who caused his son to take foolish risks and lose his life. He has been trying to get retribution for hundreds of years.

The story is filled with action. Between fights with the Amandán and car wrecks, both Gideon and Finn are in lots of danger. I love the relationship between the two of them. Gideon isn't the gushy kind but Finn's confidence that he will be there for him is growing. I loved Finn. Despite being smart-mouthed, disobedient and given to Celtic rages, he is brave, resourceful, and fiercely loyal to those he loves.

I can't wait to read THE HOUND AT THE GATE to learn more about Finn and Gideon.

Favorite Quote:
"Don't you think that's incredibly dangerous and stupid?" Savannah walked over to the boys, Finn on her heals.

Lochlan snorted. "We're guys. And we're thirteen. We're supposed to do incredibly dangerous and stupid things. It's kind of a rule."
I got this autographed copy from the author. You can buy your copy here.


  1. Thank you again for reading and review Finn's latest adventures. I had loads of fun writing it! Happy weekend to you! :-)

  2. Thank you again for reading and review Finn's latest adventures. I had loads of fun writing it! Happy weekend to you! :-)


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