Saturday, September 27, 2014

ARC Review: Tabula Rasa by Kristen Lippert-Martin

Tabula Rasa
Author: Kristen Lippert-Martin
Publication: EgmontUSA (September 23, 2014)

Description: The Bourne Identity meets Divergent in this action-packed debut thriller with a Katniss-esque heroine fighting to regain her memories and stay alive, set against a dystopian hospital background.

Sarah starts a crazy battle for her life within the walls of her hospital-turned-prison when a procedure to eliminate her memory goes awry and she starts to remember snatches of her past. Was she an urban terrorist or vigilante? Has the procedure been her salvation or her destruction?

The answers lie trapped within her mind. To access them, she'll need the help of the teen computer hacker who's trying to bring the hospital down for his own reasons, and a pill that's blocked by an army of mercenary soldiers poised to eliminate her for good. If only she knew why . . .

My Thoughts: This was a fast-paced science fiction story that was also a thriller. The story begins with our heroine being strapped into a chair for another medical procedure that is supposed to be cutting memories from her brain. Next thing she knows someone has slipped her some pills and hidden clothing under her bed so that she can try to escape when the facility is overrun by mercenaries—mercenaries who want her dead.

She is in an unknown, isolated location and there is a blizzard outside. While trying to escape from what she thought was a hospital, she runs into a teenage hacker named Thomas who has come to the location to steal the medical research that has been done on Sarah and the other patients.

The two are on the run and Sarah's memories are starting to come back in bits and pieces. She recognizes the woman who is coordinating the raid on the facility but has no idea why the woman wants her dead. She and Thomas go through all sorts of horrible situations while trying to stay away from the mercenary teams. They have to deal with others who have had the same procedure as Sarah but with much less successful outcomes.

Sarah needs to get one more pill from somewhere in the facility or she will end up just as damaged as the other patients. The woman who wants her dead and her hired mercenaries aren't going to make it easy.

Favorite Quote:
But last chances, first chances, only chances—they're all the same. A chance is a chance.
I got this ARC from Edelweiss. You can buy your copy here.

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