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State of the Stack (Feb. 23, 2015)

This is my monthly State of the Stack post. It is my way to keep track of my review books and to hopefully reduce the stack that I have waiting for me. I take a look at my review commitments on the last Monday of each month. Please feel free to join in and let me know the state of your stack.

Here is my Review Books Spreadsheet. Yellow highlighted books are ones past their publication date that I still haven't read and reviewed. I use pink highlights for reviews due in even numbered months so that I can see at a glance how many I have for each month. Ideally, this keeps me from over-committing to review books.  

I also do this post because sometimes (frequently) review books sit on my stack for a while before I read and review them. I try to read and review books within two weeks of publication date. Sometimes I can't, though, if too many books are releasing on the same date or if the book arrives too near its publication date and my calendar is already full. 

I am very grateful to the authors and publishers who support my reading habit. 

My Review Pile

The Cemetery Boys by Heather Brewer (March 30)
Solitaire by Alice Oseman (March 30) - Finished; review scheduled for March 26
Holding Strong by Lori Foster (March 31) - Finished; review scheduled for March 26

The Queen of Bright and Shiny Things by Ann Aguirre (April 7)
Skandal by Lindsay Smith (April 7)
Lies I Told by Michelle Zink (April 7)
Dream a Little Dream by Kerstin Gier (April 14)
Dear Hank Williams by Kimberly Willis Holt (April 14)
The Pretty App by Katie Sise (April 14)
Archie Greene and the Magician's Secret by D. D. Everest (April 21)
Every Last Promise by Kristin Halbrook (April 21)
Darkmouth: The Legend Begins by Shane Hegarty (April 21)
Ferals by Jacob Grey (April 28)
The Secrets We Keep by Trisha Leaver (April 28)
Flirty Dancing by Jenny McLachlan (April 28)
Drive Me Crazy by Terra Elan McVoy (April 28)

Crimson Bound by Rosamund Hodge (May 5)
The Novice by Tarah Matharu (May 5)
Heat of the Moment by Lauren Barnholdt (May 12)
Making Pretty by Corey Ann Haydu (May 12)
The Cost of All Things by Maggie Lehrman (May 12)
The Improbable Theory of Ana & Zak by Brian Katcher (May 19)
A Sense of the Infinite by Hilary T. Smith (May 19)
Kissing in America by Margo Rabb (May 26)
The Fog Diver by Joel Ross (May 26)
The Cage by Megan Shepherd (May 26)

 Book Scavenger by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman (June 2)
Proof of Forever by Lexa Hillyer (June 2)
 Devoted by Jennifer Mathieu (June 2)
Our Brothers at the Bottom of the Sea by Jonathan Kranz (June 9)
 The Revenge Playbook by Rachael Allen (June 16)
Blood Will Tell by April Henry (June 16)
 Between the Notes by Sharon Huss Roat (June 16)
Emmy & Oliver by Robin Benway (June 23)
The Leveler by Julia Durango (June 23)
Between Us and the Moon by Rebecca Maizel (June 30)

 Don't Ever Change by M. Beth Bloom (July 7)
Can Anybody Help Me? by Sinead Crowley (July 7)
 Paperweight by Meg Haston (July 7)
Rebel Mechanics by Shanna Swendson (July 14)
Battlesaurus: Rampage at Waterloo by Brian Falkner (July 14)
Lost by S. A. Bodeen (July 28)

School for Sidekicks by Kelly McCullough (August 4)

I Read This Month

These are listed in the order I read them. Links go to my reviews for all that have been posted already. Otherwise, the date the review is scheduled for is listed.
  1. The Winner's Crime by Marie Rutkoski (March 5)
  2. Bridged by Kendra Elliot (Feb. 11) 
  3. Lost Boy by Tim Green (March 7)  
  4. Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman (March 11) 
  5. Boys Don't Knit by T. S. Easton (March 12) 
  6. The Orphan Queen by Jodi Meadows (March 14)
  7. Blackbird Fly by Erin Entrada Kelly (March 19)  
  8. First Time in Forever by Sarah Morgan (March 19) 
  9. Liars, Inc. by Paula Stokes (March 21) 
  10. Holding Strong by Lori Foster (March 26) 
  11. Solitaire by Alice Oseman (March 26) 
Read Previously, Reviews Posted This Month
  1. Beastkeeper by Cat Hellisen (Jan. 28)
  2. Cut Me Free by J. R. Johansson (Jan. 29) 
  3. The Stolen Moon by Rachel Searles (Jan. 31) 
  4. Since You've Been Gone by Mary Jennifer Payne (Feb. 5)
  5. I'll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios (Feb. 6)
  6. MarEvacuees by Sophia McDougall (Feb. 12)
  7. Better Than Perfect by Melissa Kantor (Feb. 14)
  8. Dreaming Spies by Laurie R. King (Feb. 19)   
  9. Stone in the Sky by Cecil Castellucci (Feb. 18) 
  10. No Parking at the End Times by Bryan Bliss (Feb. 19)
  11. The Secret Cipher by Whitaker Ringwald (Feb. 21)
  12. Shadow Study by Maria V. Snyder (Feb. 21) 
I Added These Books

These are listed in the order I received them. Links go to Amazon. Date received and date published are listed in parentheses.
  1. Bridged by Kendra Elliott (Feb. 10) 
  2. Our Brothers at the Bottom of the Sea by Jonathan David Kranz (June 9)
  3. Blood Will Tell by April Henry (June 16) 
  4. Book Scavenger by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman (June 2) 
  5. Battlesaurus: Rampage at Waterloo by Brian Falkner (July 14) 
  6. Lost (Shipwreck Island) by S. A. Bodeen (July 28) 
  7. School for Sidekicks by Kelly McCullough (Aug. 4) 
  8. Devoted by Jennifer Mathieu (June 2) 
Next Month's Plan

I am currently reading the last of my March releases and then will be immediately begin my April books. I wasn't paying enough attention and chose 13 that have April release dates. All of them are young adult books. I usually post reviews on Thursday and Saturday but 4 of the 5 Wednesday in April will also have book reviews (if I can get everything read.) May looks even worse with reviews planned for every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday all month.

I foresee a lot of review book reading in my future.

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  1. Loved Book Scavenger and Drive Me Crazy. I'm struggling to find a few more published in April to fill in my schedule. I love the E ARC sites!


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