Thursday, July 23, 2015

ARC Review: Lost by S. A. Bodeen

Author: S. A. Bodeen
Series: Shipwreck Island, Book 2
Publication: Feiwel & Friends (July 28, 2015)

Description: Sarah Robinson and her family are shipwrecked on a remote and mysterious island. Their food is running out, and their fear is escalating-there is no sign of rescue. The mysterious girl they found unconscious at the beach is healing, and what she tells them about the strange island and especially about someone called the Keeper has the family on edge. When Sarah's dad and Marco's younger brother go missing, the mystery becomes dangerous. Now, it's a matter of life and death. Now, the family is truly lost.

My Thoughts: This is the second book in the Shipwreck Island series and is filled with adventure. Sarah Robinson, her father, her new stepmother and two new stepbrothers were shipwrecked on the island in book 1 where they had all sorts of dangerous adventures.

In this episode they find a new person. Cash is another twelve-year old like Sarah and Marco. She tells a wild story about how she ended up on the island. The parents don't believe her but the kids who have seen things they haven't told their parents do.

The kids do more exploring as they look for Sarah's father who had gone off to cut down bamboo to make a shelter to get them off the sand. The youngest boy takes off and now Sarah and Marco are looking for both of them.

They see a valley filled with animals that don't exist in nature and are almost caught by a sharkodile before they discover a cave filled with freezer units. Maybe the Curator that Cash told them about wasn't only something she made up?

This story, like the first, ends with a cliffhanger. Middle school students will be eager for the next volume to find out what is really going on here on this mysterious island.

Favorite Quote:
But his shoulders went up and down. "The whole thing seems sketchy to me. Like, the regular rules of the world don't apply."
I got this ARC from Macmillan. You can buy your copy here.

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  1. This almost sounds like a middle school version of the strange TV series that went on for a long time with new mysteries at every turn. Actually, it sounds better, though. The TV series confused me.


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