Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Book Review: Imogene and the Case of the Missing Pearls by Elizabeth Varadan

Imogene and the Case of the Missing Pearls
Author: Elizabeth Varadan
Publication: MX Publishing; 1.0 edition (June 1, 2015)

Description: In Imogene and the Case of the Missing Pearls, a day after Imogene's obnoxious step-cousins pay a visit, her mother's pearls go missing. When Sherlock Holmes is called in, Imogene, harboring a secret desire to become a detective, sees her chance to learn from the great Mr. Holmes.

My Thoughts: Young Imogene lives the typical life of an middle class Victorian girl. She sees her parents primarily at "family time" and spends most of her time with the cook and the maid because her governess suffers from "headaches." Imogene doesn't like her governess because she is always finding fault and having Imogene do boring things. Imogene has ambitions. At first, she want to be a veterinarian and take care of race horses. But when a series of thefts happens, she decides that she would like to be a detective like the famous Sherlock Holmes.

When her mother's pearls are stolen and Sherlock Holmes is called in on the case, Imogene decides to watch him carefully. He notices and chooses Imogene as his assistant. She is tasked with watching the members of the household. Imogene finds lots of suspicious characters. Is the thief her governess Miss Mullin who is acting suspiciously? Is it Elsie the family maid who shows up on the family floor at a time when she isn't usually there? The cook thinks that the new butler might be the culprit.

Imogene meets a young boy named Rusty who runs errands for Sherlock Holmes and he appears at the nick of time to give Imogene help. In fact, the two decide to form their own detective agency.

This was a fun mystery for middle graders.

Favorite Quote:
Boys get to do all the interesting things, she'd written. If I weren't a girl, I could have my own stables and breed racehorses, Or I could be a horse doctor. Maybe I will be a horse doctor. She had underlined "will."
I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. You can buy your copy here.

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