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Book Review: Enchanted Glass by Diana Wynne Jones

Enchanted Glass
Author: Diana Wynne Jones
Publication: Greenwillow Books; 1 edition (April 6, 2010)

Description: Aidan Cain has had the worst week of his life. His gran died, he was sent to a foster home, and now malicious beings are stalking him. There is one person Gran told Aidan to go to if he ever got into trouble—a powerful sorcerer who lives at Melstone House.

But when Aidan arrives on the doorstep, he finds that the sorcerer's grandson, Andrew, has inherited the house. The good news is that Aidan can tell immediately that Andrew's brimming with magic, too—and so is everyone else at Melstone. The bad news is that Andrew doesn't remember anything his grandfather taught him. Chaos is swiftly rising, and he has no idea how to control it. A sinister neighbor is stealing power from the land, magic is leaking between realms . . . and it's only a matter of time before the Stalkers find Aidan.

If Aidan and Andrew can harness their own magics, they may be able to help each other. But can they do it before the entire countryside comes apart at the seams?

My Thoughts: This is the story of a young orphan boy named Aidan who comes looking for his grandmother's friend after her death. He finds that the friend has died to and the house has been inherited by his grandson Andrew. Aidan can tell that Andrew is full of magic but Andrew doesn't remember what his grandfather taught him as a boy.

Andrew needs to remember because his neighbor O. Brown is trying to steal his land and power. And evil forces want Aidan too. Luckily they have friends in the town including a young giant and a weredog named Rolf and a bunch of cranky townspeople who will help them set things to rights.

This was an entertaining middle grade fantasy with all sorts of great characters and all sorts of magic too.

Favorite Quote:
Aidan lost count again. "No," he said irritably. Must Andrew keep interrupting? "Only to see if something's real—or magical—or real and magical. Ot to keep it there if it's only magical. You must know how it works. I've seen you do it too."

"I don't think I—How do you mean?" Andrew asked, startled.

"When you're working with magic," Aidan explained. "You take your glasses off and clean them when you want people to do what you say."
I bought this one when it was released in 2010. You can buy your copy here.

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  1. Oh, now I have to add this one to my shopping list. Thanks for the great review!


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