Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Memes: This Monstrous Thing by Mackenzi Lee

Happy Friday everybody!!
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This week I am spotlighting This Monstrous Thing by Mackenzi Lee which is a retelling of Frankenstein. I got this eARC from Edelweiss. Here is the description from Amazon:
A wildly creative Gothic fantasy retelling of Frankenstein, This Monstrous Thing is a wholly new reimagining of the classic novel by Mary Shelley and is perfect for fans of retellings such as Cinder by Marissa Meyer, fantasy by Libba Bray and Cassandra Clare, and alternative history by Scott Westerfeld.

In an alternative fantasy world where some men are made from clockwork parts and carriages are steam powered, Alasdair Finch, a young mechanic, does the unthinkable after his brother dies: he uses clockwork pieces to bring Oliver back from the dead.

But the resurrection does not go as planned, and Oliver returns more monster than man. Even worse, the novel Frankenstein is published and the townsfolk are determined to find the real-life doctor and his monster. With few places to turn for help, the dangers may ultimately bring the brothers together—or ruin them forever.
My brother's heart was heavy in my hands.
Friday 56:
"God's wounds. You'd think they'd be pleased you weren't dead."

"To them, I was. Being mechanical is as good as dead, and I'm worse because I can't survive without clockwork in me. I've never met anyone else like that."

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  1. WHOA!!!! Right from the beginning. Powerful start!
    I added you to the Linky. Happy weekend!


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