Thursday, April 21, 2016

ARC Review: Ferals #2: The Swarm Descends by Jacob Grey

The Swarm Descends
Author: Jacob Grey
Series: Ferals (Book 2)
Publication: HarperCollins (April 26, 2016)

Description: Ferals #2: The Swarm Descends is the second book in a dark middle grade fantasy series that’s part Batman, part The Graveyard Book, and all page-turning adventure.

The sinister Spinning Man has been defeated—but a powerful new villain has risen from the shadows. The Mother of Flies has eyes everywhere, and she is searching for Caw. As the last survivor of a long line of crow ferals, Caw holds a crucial piece of Blackstone’s legacy—one the Mother of Flies will stop at nothing to find.

With his friend Lydia and his loyal crows by his side, Caw believes he can protect his city. But it will take more than crows to defeat this darkness....

My Thoughts: Caw is not finished with adventures, this time it begins when a mysterious man give him a stone. He tells Caw that he had been entrusted with the stone by Caw's mother who instructed him to give it to Caw and have Caw keep it secret.

The problem is that there is a new feral villain in town who will do anything to get the stone from Caw. Caw and his friend Lydia along with new companion Selina have to learn what the stone is for and how they can use it to defeat the Mother of the Flies.

This series has lots of creepy scenes and the action never stops. Caw is a great character who has a deep sense of honor and a deep desire to protect his fellow ferals. Not bad for a young teenager who was raised by crows after the deaths of his parents and who has just recently learned to interact with humans and other ferals.

Fans of the first book will be glad to see Caw having new adventures along with his crow companions. 

Favorite Quote:
"My mother used to tell us stories about the fly ferals to make us behave," said the driver. "She said they could sneak into any room as long as there was a hole big enough for a single fly. My sister and I used to block up the keyhole to our bedroom at night just in case the Mother of the Flies came for us."
I got this ARC from Edelweiss. You can buy your copy here.

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