Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Memes: The Last Time We Were Us by Leah Konen

Happy Friday everybody!!
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The name startles me, as I stood in front of the cooler at the Gas Xpress in West Bonneville, where they beer is cheaper and they don't card half as much as other convenience stores, fiddling through my bag for my fake ID.
Friday 56:
"What's so funny?"

"You were always afraid of getting in trouble," he says. "Always averse to risk."
I am featuring The Last Time We Were Us by Leah Konen. I got this eARC from Edelweiss. Here is the description from Amazon:
A passionate summer love story about a girl, her childhood best friend, and the small town lies that have kept them apart. Leah Konen’s The Last Time We Were Us is perfect for fans of Jenny Han, Sara Zarr, and Gayle Forman.

Liz Grant is about to have the summer of her life. She and her friend MacKenzie are finally getting invited to all the best parties, and, with any luck, Innis Taylor, the most gorgeous guy in Bonneville, will be her boyfriend before the Fourth of July.

Then Jason Sullivan comes back to town. A million years ago, he was her best friend, but that was before he ditched her for a different crowd . . . and before he attacked Innis’s older brother and got sent away to juvie. All of Bonneville still thinks he’s dangerous, but Liz finds it hard to believe what people say about her childhood friend. If word gets out she’s seeing him, she could lose everything.

But what if there’s more to that horrible night than she knows? And how many more people will get hurt when the truth finally comes out? Liz will have to decide if she can trust herself—and her heart—before it’s too late.


  1. You've got my interest with the quotes and the synopsis fills in some of the blanks.
    Happy weekending, Kathy.

  2. The teases got my attention. I'm curious to what really happened.
    sherry @ fundinmental Friday Memes

  3. Oh great choice! I'm gonna have to add this to my TBR! :)

  4. This one sounds like it would make a great summer read. Hope you enjoy it!

  5. This isn't the kind of book I would normally pick up, but it seems like it could be an okay read. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Probably not something I would pick up but I hope you enjoy it. :)

  7. This sounds like the perfect light read for summer. Happy reading!

  8. I'm not real good about taking risks myself. I always tend to follow the rules. I'd love for you to visit me...

  9. It sounds like she's ready to take some risks now. I've heard this was a good one.

  10. I liked both teasers and like the sound of this book - I bet this would make a great movie - thanks for visiting my Friday meme earlier

  11. I've been seeing this one cropping up a bit lately! Sounds like it could be a good one!


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